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Jeremy Diamond Wiki – Jeremy Diamond Biography

Jeremy Diamond is an American journalist who works as the White House correspondent for CNN covering the administration of Donald Trump. He is a Canadian-American who originally came from Forest Hill, Toronto, Canada. He is fluent in French and conversational in Spanish and Hebrew. The journalist attended the French American School of New York from the age of three through his graduation from high school in 2011 where he worked at the school newspaper.
When Jeremy Diamond from CNN asked if Fauci could also weigh in on the “issue of hydroxychloroquine” and what the medical evidence was on it, Trump interjected, “You know many times he’s answered that question? Fifteen times. You don’t have to ask that question. He’s answered that question 15 times.”
In it, Trump said of the nation’s COVID-19 fight: “We’re orchestrating a massive federal response unlike anything our country has ever seen or done.” He spoke about the distribution of protective masks and ventilators. Trump said the country had conducted 1,670,000 tests.
On the issue of hydroxychloroquine, at just after 15 minutes into the video, Trump said the country had bought a “tremendous amount” of the drug. “It’s a great malaria drug. It’s worked unbelievably. It’s a powerful drug on malaria. There are signs it works on this. Some very strong signs…there are some very strong, powerful signs, and we’ll have to see. Because again it’s being tested now. This is a new thing that just happened to us. The invisible enemy as we call it.”
He said 29 million of the pills have been stockpiled. “What do you have to lose?” said Trump. “…I’m not looking at it one way or the other, but we want to get out of this, and if it does work, it would be a shame if we didn’t do it early. But we have some very good signs.” He also was touting Azithromycin for people without heart issues, but he suggested they speak to their doctor first. “What do I know, I’m not a doctor. But I have common sense. The FDA feels good about it. They gave it a rapid approval. The reason is it’s been out there a long time,” said Trump. “…We’re driven by the goal of getting rid of this plague, this scourge, this virus.”

Jeremy Diamond Age

Details of his exact age and place of birth are unknown to the public as he keeps his private life under the low key.

Jeremy Diamond Wife

He is not yet married. He, however, is in a relationship with Ali Vitali, who is NBC’s political reporter and covers White House just like him. The two journalists have dated since the year 2018.

Jeremy Diamond Parents

Details of his parents and other family members including his siblings are not revealed to the public. He is so private about his personal life.

Jeremy Diamond Ethnicity

He is of the White ethnic background.

Jeremy Diamond Gay

Although he has been the voice of the LGBTQ community for quite some time, he is not one of them. Speculations grew of him being gay by the majority of the people because he is representing the LGBTQ community. But the speculation was without any proof or evidence as there was no proof to back up the claim.
To add to that, the journalist has a girlfriend and has been dating her since the year 2018.

Jeremy Diamond Nationality

He is of American nationality.

Jeremy Diamond Net Worth

Jeremy Diamond’s net worth is estimated to be around $1.86 Million.

Jeremy Diamond Instagram