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Pro Trump Protester Stabbed: Jeremy Bertino Biography, Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Family, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

Jeremy Bertino Biography

Jeremy Bertino Biography – Jeremy Bertino Wiki

Jeremy Bertino: A member of the Proud Boys group was stabbed in a Washington D.C. brawl after fighting erupted in the streets between the pro-Trump group and members of Black Lives Matter and Antifa protest groups.

You can watch videos and see photos of the aftermath of the stabbing below. The unidentified Proud Boy member was seen clutching his stomach in agony and was photographed being placed in an ambulance. His condition is not known.

He was one of four men who was stabbed after the second Million MAGA March when fighting broke out between different groups. Proud Boys, BLM, Antifa etc. It is not clear whether it is. For more details, please contact D.C. We reached the police. Four people were stabbed in clashes between pro-Donald Trump members of the Proud Boys group and Black Lives Matter.


Washington D.C. police told the media: “All arrests for unrest can be found here on our website. In addition, the MPD had eight members who were reported injured in connection with the demonstrations. “As for the MPD report of the stabbing,” All victims were transported to a conscious and breathable district hospital for treatment of non-life-threatening wounds. Responder officers arrested 29-year-old Phillip Johnson from Northwest DC for the Attack with a Dangerous Weapon. ”


You can read the police report here.

identifies the stabbed victims as Franklin Todd Gregory of McMinnville, Tennessee; Corey Owen Nielsen of Robbinsdale, Minnesota; Jeremy Bertino of Locust, North Carolina; and Gregory Lyons, whose address is unknown.


Bertino is a member of Proud Boy.


The report says: On Saturday 12/12/2020, at around 2100 hours, officers working at the First Amendment demonstrations in the District of Columbia responded to an ongoing fight. On arrival at V-1, V-2, V-3, and V-4, the police all suffered stab wounds. V-1 identified S-1 as the person who stabbed it. Further research revealed a video from the NY Post showing the S-3 pushing the S-1 in the back, at which point the S-1 produced a blade and the S-4 then repeatedly pulled the S-1’s mask, at which point V-2 / S-2 repeatedly pierces S-1 in the head. V-1, V-2, V-3, V-4 and S-1 were all transported to local hospitals. “We wrote a follow-up email to the D.C. police to confirm whether they accused Johnson of all the stabbings.” Phillip Johnson is the suspect of all 4 victims in this case. But this case is still under investigation. ”


After the stabbing, members of the Proud Boys, who stood out for wearing yellow-black colors, knelt in solidarity with the injured man.


The suspect is not clear; Also, although a video emerged showing the Proud Boys and the police meeting a man, it is not yet clear whether a person did the stabbing. It is clear from the videos and photos that both sides fought and committed violence.


In a video posted on Twitter, he wrote: “At least one proud kid was stabbed after random lonely protesters fought with multiple proud kids. This protester was the only one in a gang of several hundred pb, and before this video he fought one and shook a knife. “In this video, a Proud Boy colored man falls to the ground, someone calls a doctor.


In another video of Eric Thomas, “A #ProudBoy was stabbed during a fight with #antifa and wants MPD’s attention.”

The stabbings occurred near 11th Street NW’s 500 block, according to News4. This place is close to Harry’s Bar, which the New York Post describes as “a meeting point for the right-wing Proud Boys group”.


WUSA9 reported that four people “were stabbed at the intersection of 11th Avenue near Black Lives Matter Plaza in DC city center and F Street” and all had “critical wounds”. According to the television station, two Washington D.C. the police officer was also injured.


The videos provided more details on what happened. This video above has been viewed 150,000 times; the headline read “NOW: Single Attacker with Knife Hit in Head While Crowd Entering Chaos.”

It’s hard to decipher, but people seem to be screaming “knife” and “fuck that mother”. Chaos erupts and the crowd gathers around and tries to suppress or even shoot a person. The police then go into combat.


The Daily Mail reported that Proud Boy was stabbed after encountering “an anti-Trump protester”. The Daily Mail reported that some of the stabbed were in critical condition. The pictures show the stabbed Pride Boy holding his stomach while being placed in the ambulance.

“A member of # ProudBoys was stabbed tonight in # WashingtonDC during violent street fights at #DC #DCProtests @ SWNS,” says photographer Adam Gray. Other photos posted by the show wrote the Proud Boys fighting with BLM activists during “violent street fights” and the Proud Boys burning the Black Lives Matter sign.


According to The Washington Post, scores were stabbed on the night of December 12 as thousands demonstrated for President Donald Trump and were greeted by counter-protesters.


The Daily Mail reported that four people were stabbed “after the violence broke out between protesters against Proud Boys and Black Lives Matter”.


Gray described what happened as “violent clashes between BLM and the Proud Boys.”


According to The Post, those attending the rally “refused to accept the election results.” Among the speakers, former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn and Daily Mail said “Joe Biden will be removed somehow!” There was also Alex Jones, a conspiracy theorist who said.


According to information received from people at the scene, Antifa members reportedly threw objects at the officers. Eric Thomas posted a video earlier in the day, “#antifa clashes with MPD as they push back the police line. They are moving towards the protesters where things are getting more concentrated after the officers have been thrown too many objects. #MarchForTrump #BlackLivesMatter.”


He also said, “Multiple fights broke out between #antifa and Proud Boys while the two groups were coming together. While the crowd is sprayed with tear gas, the police are trying to intervene. ”


The protest group was “fighting in the streets”, WUSA9 reported. The TV channel reported that on December 12, 23 people were arrested, including six for assaulting police officers. It is not clear to which side the detainees are connected. Groups associated with Proud Boys burned their Black Lives Matter posters. According to the television station, Antifa clashed with the police and threw objects.

The Southern Poverty Law Center has labeled the Proud Boys extremists, a label they deny. “His acts of rejection of fanaticism are believed in what they do: ordinary Proud Boys and leaders regularly sing white nationalist memes and maintain ties with known extremists,” the site says. They are known for their anti-Muslim and misogynist rhetoric. The Proud Boys sided with other hate groups at extremist gatherings such as the ‘Join the Right’ rally in Charlottesville.


According to the Anti-Defamation League, the SPLC’s Proud Boys identifiers were challenged by its founder, Gavin McInnes, who filed a lawsuit against the SPLC. Denied. “The Proud Boys represents an unusual form of American right-wing extremism. While the group can be described as violent, nationalist, Islamophobic, transphobic, and misogynist, its members represent diverse ethnicities and their leaders strongly protest against any allegation of racism,” ADL writes.


During an argument with Biden, Trump controversially told the Proud Boys to “back off and wait” before claiming that he didn’t know who they were.