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Who is Jeremiah Morfin Wiki, Biography, Age, Net Worth, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook & More Facts

Jeremiah Morfin Wiki – Jeremiah Morfin Biography

A New Mexico teen accused of murdering her cousin and leaving her in a pit in January last year may face new rape allegations after authorities confirm that her DNA is in the body of the nine-year-old.


Jeremiah Morfin, 15 at the time, could have attempted criminal sexual intercourse by a minor in connection with last year’s incident, and the criminal could have attempted sexual intercourse.


The charges were brought to the agenda at the November 30 preliminary hearing on Google Meet, since Morphine had not previously been accused of rape for allegedly beating her cousin to death and sexually abusing her, KRQE reported.


The young girl’s body was found on January 5, 2019 in an arroyo not far from a family home in Albuquerque near Unser and Gibson boulevards.


When the police were summoned to Selina Morfin’s home, she said her nephew had disappeared and gave a note that her son had written to her, filing a criminal complaint.


The note explained that Jeremiah killed his cousin.


The officers then spoke to the young man and told them that he “lost a little bit” and “did something bad” and left the girl in a pit.


The complaint later said that the officials had taken the officers to the nearby arroyo where they found the girl and found signs of being sexually assaulted.


Morphine was soon charged with murder.


At Monday’s hearing, prosecutors claimed that the DNA found in the girl’s body matched the DNA of Morphine, and as a result they wanted to deal with the additional charges.


But the defense argued that any contact would result in DNA being left behind. A judge is expected to meet with both sides in January.


Five people testified at the trial, including Jeremiah’s mother’s ex-boyfriend Jose Herrera.


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