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Jennifer Eckhart (Ex-Fox News Star Ed Henry Accused of Rape) Wiki, Bio, Age, Family, Net Worth, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

Jennifer Eckhart (Ex-Fox News-Star Ed Henry Accused of Rape)

Cathy Areu and Jennifer Eckhart filed a lawsuit accusing former Fox News chief national correspondent Ed Henry of sexual assault and harassment. Areu alleges that she was sexually harassed by Henry and other men at Fox News including Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, Howard Kurtz, and Gianno Caldwell. In the lawsuit, Eckhart accuses Henry of raping her.

  • Former Fox News personality Jennifer Eckhart says she was sexually assaulted by former Fox host Ed Henry in a new lawsuit filed against Fox that alleges sexual misconduct by several male hosts.
  • Eckhart alleges in the complaint that Ed Henry “psychologically manipulated and coerced” her into a sexual relationship, during which he also violently raped her.
  • The suit alleges that Fox News learned about Eckhart’s allegations as early as 2017 and refused to discipline Henry.
  • In the same complaint, former Fox personality Cathy Areu alleges she was sexually harassed by Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, Howard Kurtz, and Gianno Caldwell — all prominent Fox hosts.

In a complaint filed at the federal court in New York on Monday, ex-Fox News producer Jennifer Eckhart claimed he was a longtime Fox reporter and presenter of the American News Center, who was fired earlier this month for what the network calls “intentional sexual abuse.” She raped and attacked her, and “she made sadistic actions against her without her consent, beaten with injured, bruised and bloody wrists.”

“What this case reveals is that today’s Fox News is the same old Fox News,” lawyer Douglas Wigdor announced the filing of the case. “Some of the names in the leadership may have changed since the Roger Ailes regime, but Fox News’s corporate indifference to sexual abuse has not changed.”

According to the complaint, Eckhart claimed that the married Henry forced him into sexual intercourse, which he called “sexual slave” in “manicured, psychologically manipulated and forced” sexual intercourse. In addition, in the case, “Henry [ra]] sexually harassed her office property and raped her in a hotel where Fox News used her frequent visiting employees when she did not voluntarily comply.”

The relationship began in 2014, according to the case, after Henry, twenty years old from Eckhart, sent a message on Twitter saying that he thought he was “beautiful”. The case said, “Mrs. Eckhart has become Mr. Henry’s sexual goal. Henry continued to send inappropriate, flirtatious, and occasionally sexual graphic text messages to Ms. Eckhart. Finally, after a meeting at a hotel, Eckhart reminded Henry’s progress that seem to discuss career prospects: “He feared that his career would end if he refused Mr. Henry.”

Months later Eckhart claimed that Henry forced him to engage in disturbing sexual acts. He once told him to take off his underwear and deliver it in an envelope. Later that day, she ordered her to have a blowjob in a guest’s office at Fox News headquarters in New York. The case claimed that Henry’s treatment of Eckhart gradually intensified over time.

On another occasion, Eckhart claimed that Henry was “violently raped” when he was handcuffed, but only after taking his nude photos without his consent. According to the case, Henry laughed while taking pictures, and “Eckhart pleaded with Mr. Henry to stop, remove the handcuffs and delete the naked pictures he took without his consent.” The photos proposed by the case were Eckhart’s intimidation to keep quiet.

Eckhart’s lawyers also provided in the complaint a series of text messages in which Henry referred to their relationship in graphic terms. “Fuck you and your safe word,” he wrote in one message. “You will know when I’m done.”

“When u r owned, you don’t get a ‘choice,’” he wrote on another occasion. “You don’t own me,” Eckhart replied.

“Good long session last time,” he wrote just after 10 a.m. in another series of texts. “Left you bruised, batter, dazed, sated begging for more.”

In a statement, Henry’s lawyer Catherine M. Foti said: “The Me Too movement has helped to bring to light a number of injustices in our society, and everyone that has suffered deserves to be heard.  This is not one of those cases.  The evidence in this case will demonstrate that Ms. Eckhart initiated and completely encouraged a consensual relationship. Ed Henry looks forward to presenting actual facts and evidence, which will contradict the fictional accounts contained in the complaint. That evidence includes graphic photos and other aggressively suggestive communications that Ms. Eckhart sent to Mr. Henry.”