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Actress Racist Physically Assaulted: Jennifer Agostini Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Net Worth, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Fast Facts You Need to Know

Jennifer Agostini Biography

Jennifer Agostini Biography

Jennifer Agostini is an American actress. She is known for Love Magical (2018), The Last One Left (2015) and Ante’ (2012), according to her IMDB profile. She was recently cast in a new show called Brooklyn Ties that was scheduled to begin filming in the spring of 2020.

Jennifer Agostini Age

She is 43 years old.

Jennifer Agostini Petition

According to a petition submitted to the Supreme Court of New York County on November 25, 2019, Agostini and three others claim to have been attacked outside a nightclub in Manhattan.

Jennifer Agostini Petition by Erin Laviola on Scribd

Jennifer Agostini, 43, revealed the shocking image of her face after the attack at the Manhattan Sky Room bar on Sunday at 3am, leaving her with “facial scars and multiple cuts”.

During the incident, an African-American guard called the film and television actresses and their friends’ white friends “dirty white bitches” and shouted “F ** k those white bitches’ ** and their money ‘.

Agostini had visited the place since 11pm on Saturday to celebrate a friend’s birthday, and the group enjoyed the VIP bottle service, which cost them more than $ 900.

Legal records show that after paying for the special area and moving to the non-VIP floor, they paid and went to the lobby.

But when a member of his group remembered that the place still had the card for a fee of $ 350, they tried to return.

Back then, a 6-foot-2-inch man with a black turtleneck, identified in legal documents as a gorilla, was reportedly one of the women.

“It was just that onslaught when we left. We just stormed and attacked, I can not say how many people, “said Agostini of the New York Post.

According to lawyers’ documents requesting that the site retain the video of the incident, the 46-year-old swimsuit model Perendinellys García “was beaten in the face, body and limbs” and received “several cuts in the scalp.”

Her husband, Cal Stuart, says she came to defend the women, but they were knocked to the ground, but what they called “gang members” who were friends of the gorilla.

Stuart noticed that his toe had recently been amputated and said in the petition that he was knocked down. Both he and another petitioner, Christopher Selletti, were hit by face and body.

Fast Facts You Need to Know

  • 43-year-old Jennifer Agostini appears on a picture of blood on her face taken after a group of men hit her.
  • The actress went to the Manhattan Sky Room bar for a friend’s birthday and said that a group of 10 to 15 people attacked her and left her at about 3 in the morning with cuts.
  • She claims that the alleged attackers called her “white mothers”, “dirty white bitches” and “F ** k called these white bitches and their money”.
  • She says she has to see “numerous plastic surgeons” as she prepares to film the Brooklyn Ties show and “return to the Concussion Center to perform an MRI in my head.”
  • The swimsuit model Prendinellys García, 47, was also allegedly attacked and her husband, who was also injured, said the “women’s faces were distorted”.