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Who is Jason Merritt Wiki, Biography, Age, Net Worth, Instagram, Twitter, Unknown FACTS YOU NEED TO KNOW

Jason Merritt Wiki – Jason Merritt Biography

A security guard cut off his hand and part of his arm after he was pulled into a high powered chainsaw by his loose-fitting hooded ornament while doing DIY in the backyard.


Jason Merritt, 49, was trapped in the machine, shouting for help, while his left arm was still tied to the saw at his home in Farsley, Leeds, West Yorkshire.


He ran to the Leeds General Infirmary, where his specialist Hand Surgery and Rehabilitation team was able to get his hand back in a complex eight-hour operation.


Jason lost 2 cm of skin from his arm that had to be cut to create a smooth surface to reattach his hand.


He was then reunited with surgeons in the special unit, intricately reattached before stitching nerves, muscles, tendons, arteries, and veins back together.


Jason, who cut down an old shed for a wood stove to burn it, said it happened so quickly, and he still didn’t know what caused it.


He said: ‘Suddenly there was some kind of pull and then I could see my hand moving away from my arm.


I was just looking at my hand at the table and my heart fell to the ground and I just thought ‘Oh my God’.


I was wearing a hoodie so I guess he was somehow caught up in it, but I really don’t know.


“Everything happened very quickly.”


Jason, who is celebrating his 50th birthday tomorrow, was in his yard when the accident occurred on Friday, November 13th.


He was trapped in the machine and just said, ‘Help, help, help!’ He could shout.


An unknown neighbor living behind Jason’s house jumped over a shed into the garden to save his step-grandfather.


The neighbor called Jason’s wife, 64-year-old radiographer Elaine, to explain what had happened.


An unidentified person called 999 and within minutes an air ambulance arrived at the house.


After the emergency services rushed home, the police knocked on neighbors’ doors to find ice to hide Jason’s hand.


Jason spent four days in the High Dependence Unit and two more days in a ward.


Although Elaine was unable to visit her at the hospital, the two contacted via WhatsApp and constant talking to each other was a relief for Elaine.


He was sent home on November 19.


His wife and mother of two, Elaine, said: ‘I had to hurry from my job at Leeds Spire Hospital, but Jason was not home when I returned.


He had already been hospitalized. Of course I could not go to the hospital.


My son hurried to see me and looked out to see what’s next, I couldn’t face it.


He told me that the amount of blood there was surprisingly less than expected, in fact everyone said that.


We suspect that Jason’s being trapped in the machine stopped some of his blood flow.


Miter saw that it was an old Challenge model Jason used and inherited from his father.


Jason does his own home renovations and helps his families with their work.


He said he was good at joinery and even built a kitchen and bathroom.


Jason had used the miter saw numerous times before and had not been involved in an accident like the horrible events of November 13th.


Elaine said: ‘He’s in the garage now, but he’s going to tip. We will not use this again. ‘


Jason is recovering at home now. He cannot use his left arm at all.


He changes the dressing every few days and then gets damaged.


Jason still says it hurts, but uses only paracetamol and ibuprofen for pain.


The touch was numb, and paramedics told him it would take from 18 months to two years for nerves to regrow.


He joked: ‘I’m hoping to be kicked out of the kitchen this Christmas, I’ll just get in my way.’


Now the two want to thank everyone who took part in saving Jason.


Jason said: “ I will be forever grateful to anyone involved in rescuing me, from the man who jumped over the fence to all the emergency services that worked efficiently and quickly to save me.


I’m afraid to think what would have happened if no one had heard of me. I can be here without my hand, or worse.


Even now we still don’t know who called 999 to get the emergency service to me.


I would love to be able to find them so I can thank them. I am so grateful for all my attention.


The kindness and support our family, friends and colleagues have shown us humiliated us too. Everyone was amazing. ‘