Diana Dors Son Dies: Jason Dors Lake Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Wife, Daughter, Net Worth, Fast Facts You Need to Know

Jason Dors Lake Biography

Jason Dors Lake Biography

Jason Dors Lake was the youngest son of actress Diana Dors’ three sons. Jason Dors Lake worked as an actor and a musician and was best known for his work on The Blonde Bombshell, Just William and Into The Labyrinth.

Jason Dors Lake Age

Jason Dors Lake was born on 11 September 1969. He was 50 years old at the time of his death.

Jason Dors Lake Family

He was the son of Diana Dors and Alan Lake. He had two brothers, half-brother of Mark Dawson and Gary Dawson on his mother’s side. He was the grandson of Winifred Maud Mary Fluck and Albert Edward Sidney Fluck.

Jason Dors Lake Net Worth

Jason Dors Lake’s Estimated Net Worth is $2.5 Million USD as of 2019.

Jason Dors Lake Height

Jason Dors Lake stands 5 feet 7 inch tall

Jason Dors Lake Weight

Jason Dors Lake has weighed around 76 KG.

Jason Dors Lake Wife

He married his second wife Esther Rosemarie Wrysch from 13 November 1998 until their divorce on 8 May 1999. Jason Dors Lake was previously married to Maya Firth Sendall from 20 September 1989 – 15 October 1992.

Jason Dors Lake Children – Jason Dors Lake Daughter

Jason Dors Lake had one child, daughter Morgana Ruby Lake with his first wife Maya Firth Sendall. Ruby was born on 16 October 1990.

Jason Dors Lake Parents

Jason Dors Lake’s parents were actress Diana Dors and actor Alan Lake.

Who was Diana Dors?

She was born Diana Fluck on 23 October 1931 in Swindon, Wiltshire, and went on to make countless appearances both on the big and small screen during her career, appearing in the likes of Just William, A Taste Of Honey, The Two Ronnies and Queenie’s Castle on TV.

Her film credits included Adventures Of A Private Eye, Keep It Up Downstairs, Theatre Of Blood, The Amazing Mr. Blunden, The Amorous Milkman, and Steaming – while she also appeared in the video for Adam and The Ants’ 1981 chart-topper Prince Charming.

Diana Dors Death

Diana died on 4 May 1984 aged 52. Jason later acquired the rights to his mother’s estate and created a small business selling Diana Dors merchandise to her many loyal fans.

Diana Dors Cause of Death

Diana Dors’ cause of death was ovarian cancer.

Diana Dors Husband

Diana was married to Alan Lake until her death in 1984. Alan committed suicide in October 1984 aged 43 just five months after the death of his wife Diana Dors. Speaking about his father’s death, Jason said during an appearance on The One Show in 2012: “If he hadn’t had done that, I think he would’ve died of a broken heart anyway. I was in shock, it went beyond tears, it was a numb experience.”

Jason Dors Lake Death, Jason Dors Lake Cause of Death

Jason Dors Lake is death was confirmed by the Facebook Group Diana Dors: The Legacy and it stated “Good morning, it saddens me to inform you of the passing of Diana’s youngest son, Jason Dors at the age of 50,” and added “Please join me in offering condolences, thoughts, and prayers to Jason’s loved ones and close friends at this time.”

Still, the cause of Jason Dors Lake death was not revealed at the moment. Diana was an English film actress, singer and know as a blonde bombshell in the style of American Marilyn Monroe and her lifetime she was married three times and Jason was born to her third spouse.

Fast Facts You Need to Know

  • He was the youngest son of Diana Dors, the ‘UK’s Marilyn Monroe’
  • Jason Dors Lake suffered from alcoholism after revealing he had witnessed the Grenfell fire
  • Jason Dors Lake mother was a well-known actress who scandalized the nation with sex parties