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Jason Bragg McIntosh Bio, Wiki

Jason Bragg McIntosh is a former police officer who has been charged in the shooting death of his 31-year-old estranged wife whose body was found early Sunday in the parking lot of a Mountain Brook Athletic complex. McIntosh was previously investigated after his wife was shot in the arm but was never charged.


He is 45 years old.

Jason Bragg McIntosh Career

McIntosh resigned from the Hoover Police Department in March following a domestic dispute and gunfire at the couple’s Hoover home during which Montgomery was wounded in the arm. McIntosh previously worked at the Birmingham Police Department and then the Mountain Brook Police Department, where he worked from 1997 through 1999 before joining Hoover’s force. At the time of his arrest, McIntosh told booking officers he worked for Waitr.

Jason Bragg McIntosh Megan Montgomery Killer

Mountain Brook Police Chief Ted Cook said Montgomery’s body was discovered early Sunday in the Mountain Brook Athletic Complex parking lot, below the high school.

A press release from Mountain Brook police says that, in the early morning hours of December 1, 2019, the body of a “young white female was discovered in the parking lot of the Mountain Brook Athletic Complex in the 3600 block of Bethune Dr. Her death is being investigated as a homicide.” Authorities believe she was shot in the parking lot. According to AL.com, Montgomery “was face down on the pavement and had been shot multiple times, including once in the back and possibly twice in the head.”

She was last seen leaving an Oyster Bar and Grill with McIntosh, authorities said.
A man named Brad Norred wrote a heartwrenching Facebook post about what happened that night:

To Megan Montgomery, from Mountain Brook, I’m sorry. I, along with several other friends were with her that night. After an Iron Bowl party, we went to a local hangout where we always have fun and there’s never any harm. None of us knew her well, or well enough to know her back story and that is the only thing that is making it possible to cope with the story that I’m about to tell.
6 of us, including her were at a table when the man walked up. He placed a hand on the back of her neck and one on her shoulder, and told her to walk outside. We all looked at him, asked who he was and he said ‘that’s my wife she’s going with me.’ Megan said yes and agreed, but the look in her eyes is one I will never forget. She was terrified, but my assumption was she has just been caught doing something behind her husbands back, not that she was scared for her life. Honestly who is gonna question a man saying it’s his wife, once she agreed? I didn’t know she had a restraining order, or was going through a divorce, none of it. I watched her walk away, terrified, and knew nothing. None of us did, but we were the last group of people to see her alive. I don’t blame myself, but I am sitting here wondering what I could have done different, if anything? Or why didn’t she tell us, or stand up to him knowing there was so many of us to take care of her? Was she protecting us knowing he had made threats of mass violence before? He had the gun on him, maybe she saved our lives had we tried to stop him from taking her away from our friend group. I’ll never know, nobody will, but that question will never go away. I knew her for not even 12 hours but every article I’ve read about how nice, selfless, and genuine she is is accurate.
That night is the biggest eye opening experience I have experience to date. You TRULY have no idea what someone is going through and dealing with. She carried it so well, and hid it to the people who didn’t know her. I didn’t know her but for that short time, but in that time she taught me the biggest lesson of my life. Pay attention, it took less than 1 minute for a man nobody knew but her to convince her to walk away and never be seen again. My heart hurts, for everyone involved. Pay attention everyone, please. I now know I will.

Jason Bragg McIntosh  Charges

Jason Bragg McIntosh, 45, on Wednesday was charged with capital murder in the slaying of 31-year-old Megan Montgomery.