Jamie Bisceglia Biography

Bitten On Face By Octopus: Jamie Bisceglia Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Net Worth, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Fast Facts You Need to Know

Jamie Bisceglia Biography

Jamie Bisceglia is a Washington woman. She fun photo op with an octopus on her face turned into a health scare when the poisonous creature bit her on the face and injected her with venom.

Jamie Bisceglia Career

Jamie Bisceglia, who works with a fishing tour guide company, was entering a photo contest on Friday when some fishermen at a fishing derby near Tacoma hooked an octopus and she envisioned the perfect snapshot.

Jamie Bisceglia Bitten by Octopus

She playfully put the small octopus, believed to be either a juvenile version of a giant Pacific octopus or a Pacific red octopus, on her face and gave the camera a cheesy smile with her hands raised.

The fun only lasted for a few moments though, as the animal grabbed her with its suckers then bit her in the face with its beak-like jaws twice.

Both types of octopi that could have attacked her have powerful beaks use to break and eat their prey such as crabs, clams and mussels. Their bites also contain venom used to paralyze and kill their prey.

Two snaps were taken that day. One of Bisceglia smiling with the octopus on her chin and another where her face writhes with pain as she tries to remove the creature’s tentacles from her head.

Jamie Bisceglia Cooked The Octopus

Bisceglia told Fox News that she went to a friend’s house, cooked the octopus for dinner and “enjoyed a beautiful meal that was delicious.” She added that she
“got a little revenge.”

After the attack, she competed in the second derby but when she woke up she was swollen.

“I could tell I couldn’t swallow properly and I could tell when I opened my eyes it was kind of blurry, the left side of my face, my throat, my glands were swollen and it felt my left side of my face was paralyzed.”

The winner of the derby photo contest has not been announced yet but she says she hopes the ordeal will at least pay off with a win.

She said, “There might be a silver lining.”

Jamie Bisceglia Facebook

‘This was not a good idea. I will never do it again,’ she added.

She took to Facebook on Friday to share the bizarre bite with her followers and revealed she end up cooking that very same octopus for a seafood dinner.

‘Yes, that is an octopus on my face!! I didn’t know they had a beak that they can inject into you. Well it happened to me. Ouch! My chin is swollen up and would not stop bleeding and now it’s just oozing. But I’m going to cook it for dinner!’ she wrote.

She shared a follow up post saying: ‘WOW! I never imagined such a wonderful foraged dinner! I love octopus.’

Fast Facts You Need to Know

  • Washington woman Jamie Bisceglia posed with a small octopus on her chin on Friday to take a quirky picture for a photo contest
  • But the creature grabbed her with its suckers then bit her face twice with its beak-like jaws that inject venom into their prey 
  • Her friend snapped a photo of the moment she writhed with pain and tried to remove the creature’s tentacles from her face
  • The octopus was believed to be either a small version of a giant Pacific octopus or a Pacific red octopus 
  • She went to the emergency room two days later and was given three types of antibiotics and doctors say the swelling will last for months