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James Stauffer Wiki – James Stauffer Biography

James Stauffer is married to social media personality Myka Stauffer, whose YouTube videos about her life as a stay-at-home mother have garnered more than 74 million views since 2014.
The Stauffers have come under fire after deciding to give up their adopted son, Huxley, who is autistic. They had documented the adoption process from the very beginning and shared footage of the moment they first met the little boy in China.
But in a tearful video shared on May 26, the parents claimed they had been unaware of the severity of Huxley’s special needs and shared that he had been successfully placed in his “new forever home” with a “new mommy” who was better equipped to handle his medical care


James Stauffer majored in mechanical engineering at the University of Central Florida, according to his LinkedIn page. As a student, he also worked for various companies with roles including diesel mechanic and automation technician.
On The Stauffer Life website, Stauffer noted that as of 2018, he was working as a “mechanical engineer at a large company.” His LinkedIn page lists the company as Cummins Inc. According to its website, the company manufactures and distributes engines and other parts. Cummins is headquartered in Columbus, Indiana.

James Stauffer Family, YouTube

James Stauffer is equally involved in promoting the family as his wife, whose YouTube channel is devoted to her role as a mother. The couple has four biological children: Daughters Nakova and Jaka, and sons Radley and Onyx.
Stauffer noted on the family’s website, The Stauffer Life, that he was the “main operator” of the site. He explained on the home page why he and Myka decided to start recording their children and sharing them online:
Our family journey on Youtube all started back in late 2012… right before our second child, Jaka, was born. Those first years of videos were a learning opportunity and our way of sharing our daily lives as a family with you and the world.
Youtube for us is a way of life; a method of documenting life’s challenges and victories as a family. It is also a way for our children to remember their childhood and the adventures they went on. This journey we are all on is truly magical and by sharing ours with you, we hope to inspire others to embrace each and every day to the fullest. We all have a story to tell and this is our way of doing it.

James Stauffer Adopted son Huxley

The Stauffer Life has not been updated since at least 2018. Huxley is still listed as part of the “team” with the following description: “Such a loving little man and our son we adopted from China in late 2017. His journey is all documented and with every passing day his beautiful personality shows more and more.” The blog section was last updated in July 2018 and the page does not mention their youngest child, Onyx, who was born in June 2019..

James Stauffer You Tube Channel

The Stauffer Garage YouTube channel includes detailed tutorials about how best to rehabilitate both the exterior and interior of vehicles. Stauffer explained his motivation for starting the project on his LinkedIn page:
Lets start from the beginning… Back in 2010 when I first started detailing in college as a way to make an income to pay for school and fund those enjoyable experiences college is known for. I learned that whether I was detailing a junked up civic or a Ferrari, every car deserves some love and ensuring every nook and cranny is touched. This is where my attention to detail originated from and the need for the best detailing tools to do the job done well and right.