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Who is James Howard Durand Wiki, Biography, Age, Career, Net Worth, Instagram, Facts You Need to Know

James Howard Durand Wiki – James Howard Durand Biography

James Howard An unlicensed fisherman who was busted drink driving has confessed he had fifty drinks before urinating in front of a police car.

James Howard Durand, 26, had been drinking since 10 am the previous day when he was stopped by police in Agnes Water, Central Queensland, on October 6.


He went to the Yeppoon Magistrate’s Court on Thursday and pleaded guilty to driving without a license and crossing the alcohol ban, the Courier Mail reported.


Durand told the court that he had consumed 50 drinks before getting behind the wheel without a license.


“Fifty sentences?” Judge Philippa Beckinsale said. She asked.


“It was all true,” Durand said.


“I and my friends were in a difficult situation.”


The court heard that Durand was stopped on Tavern Road around 2:30 pm after he parked in front of a police car and went to pee into the bushes.


The 26-year-old detonated BAC rating 0.042 and was taken to the Agnes Water Police Station.


Durand said he consumed 50 standard drinks as he started drinking at 10 am the previous day.


The 26-year-old said she took a friend from Tannum Sands to Agnes Water when she was stopped by the police.


Durand said he never had a driver’s license because his father died in a car accident.


He said he learned how to drive a farm.


Durand also said he was about to sail for four and a half months, working on trawlers.


Judge Beckinsale disqualified Durand for six months and was fined $ 800.