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James Gargasoulas Wiki: James Gargasoulas or James “Dimitrios” Gargasoulas, is that the Bourke Street driver World Health Organization deliberately drove a taken automotive into pedestrians on Bourke St within the middle on twenty Jan 2017 killing six individuals and injuring twenty-seven others.

Those who died embody Bhavita Patel, 33, Matthew Si, 33, Yosuke Kanno, 25, Jess Mudie, 22, Thalia Hakin, 10, and three-month-old Zachary Bryant.

Gargasoulas featured six counts of murder and twenty-eight charges of tried murder over the Bourke St mall rampage, yet as alternative charges.

In the Supreme Court of Victoria, the jury was shown graphic footage of Gargasoulas, conjointly known by the name Dimitrios, affecting the attack within the widespread searching space. alternative footage showed him driving unpredictably beforehand, as dozens of bystanders watched on.

During the trial, Gargasoulas testified that he had received a premonition from God leading him to drive into pedestrians. once asked whether or not he knew he would kill individuals, he said: “In a way, yes.”

The court detected he had exceeded speeds of 60km/h (37mph) throughout his rampage, and didn’t stop driving even once a stroller became lodged in his screen.

Gargasoulas pleaded clean-handed to the attack, however later admitted that he had carried it out. A jury condemned him and he are sentenced at a later date.

James Gargasoulas Age

He is 28 years old. Gargasoulas was born in Adelaide but lived in Coober Pedy until he was 16.

James Gargasoulas Parents

His father, Christos, was a pick-and-shovel opal miner. His mother is Emily. Emily left her husband and Gargasoulas and his brother Angelo went to live with her in Melbourne.

James Gargasoulas Brother

Gargasoulas and his brother Angelo lived with their mother in Melbourne. Gargasoulas had been wanted over the stabbing of his brother, Angelo, at their ­mother’s Windsor home. Angelo is gay.

James Gargasoulas Girlfriend

Gargasoulas’ girlfriend, Akiir Muo. He had rented a home for his girlfriend in Coober Pedy. Gargasoulas allegedly took her hostage and drove erratically around the city before letting her out on Bolte Bridge.

James Gargasoulas Children

By 2016, Gargasoulas had fathered three children, with a fourth on the way.

James Gargasoulas Facebook

Days before the rampage, a Facebook post on Gargasoulas’s Facebook page read: “I’LL TAKE YOU ALL OUT … YOU NEED AN ARMY TO TAKE ME.”

James Gargasoulas Religion – James Gargasoulas Muslim

Information about his religion is being updated.