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Indiana teen fatally shoots dad: James Beau Burkhart Biography, Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Family, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

James Beau Burkhart Biography, Wiki, Age, Net Worth

A 16-year-old Indiana boy has been charged with fatally shooting his father earlier this month and letting his 15-year-old friend take the blame, Fox 59 reports.

Court documents say that James Beau Burkhart and his anonymous friend invited elder Burkhart to his friend’s home in Centerville, where he was shot twice on December 15.


The 15-year-old took the security camera of the house and two guns, and as he fled to Ohio in old Burkhart’s car, James Beau returned home and said that his friend shot his father.


Wayne County officials notified law enforcement in Ohio that the suspect could go that way, and the Ohio State Patrol saw a vehicle matching the description that night. However, the driver did not stop and the soldiers followed the vehicle until it fell into a ditch in the Columbus area. The suspect was admitted to a serious but stable hospital.


Indiana State Police spoke to the 15-year-old boy while he was in the hospital and told them he had shot the elderly Burkhart.


However, this week, police charged James Beau with murder after taking footage from the security camera. The camera captured audio from the incident where James Beau shot his father in the head after coming out of the bathroom at the age of 51. According to the sworn testimony of the probable cause against James Beau, the voice also caught the friend who said he would take the blame. It also writes that he shot his father a second time with the other gun before leaving the house.


Indiana State Police said the 15-year-old now faces charges of murder and vehicle theft in the juvenile system. James Beau is charged with a single murder as an adult.