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James Arvid (Disney World visitor Arrested) Wiki – James Arvid (Disney World visitor Arrested) Biography

Fast Facts You May Need to Know:-

  • James Arvid was in a drug-induced rage when he allegedly attacked a security guard inside Disney World’s Animal Kingdom on October 25, authorities said
  • Guard, 41, was on patrol in DinoLand U.S.A. when Arvid tackled him from behind 
  • Arvid put guard in a headlock and held him down, but the guard radioed for help 
  • Theme park guests noticed what was happening and pulled Arvid off the guard
  • The guests were then able to subdue the 19-year-old until police arrived to scene
  • Arvid was arrested and charged with battery on a security guard, police said  

A Florida man was in an LSD-induced rage when he allegedly attacked a Disney World security guard in October.

James Arvid, 19, was arrested on October 25 after the incident unfolded in Animal Kingdom’s DinoLand U.S.A.

The 41-year-old security guard was patrolling the area near DinoLand when Arvid tackled him from behind, according to an Orange County Sheriff’s Office report obtained by the Orlando Sentinel.

Authorities said Arvid then put the victim in a headlock and held him down. During the assault, the guard managed to radio for help, police said.

Park visitors also noticed the incident and were able to pull Arvid off the guard.

The good Samaritans then ‘subdued’ Arvid until police arrived to the scene.

Arvid was restrained on a stretcher and transported to a local hospital, police said.

He later allegedly told a nurse that he ‘took LSD and tried to kill someone’.

The security guard wasn’t seriously injured in the attack, but he was left with two bloody cuts on his elbow. No Disney guests were hurt during the incident.

‘We do not tolerate violence of any kind on our property and appreciate those, including the Orange County Sheriff’s Office deputies, who quickly came to the aid of this cast member,’ Disney spokeswoman Erica Ettori told the Sentinel in a statement.

In the Sheriff’s Office report, Arvid was described as being ‘bloody, sweating profusely, non-responsive to commands, and compulsively kicking his legs’.

The report said that Arvid appeared to be in a state of ‘excited delirium and unexpected strength’.

A doctor informed police that Arvid showed signs of heatstroke, alcohol use, and drug use which could lead to aggression and a heightened mental state.

Arvid was charged with battery on a security guard. He has pleaded not guilty.