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Who is Jaiquan Carter Wiki, Biography, Age, Net Worth, Instagram, Twitter, Unknown FACTS YOU NEED TO KNOW

Jaiquan Carter Wiki – Jaiquan Carter Biography

A 23-year-old Arizona hiker died this week after falling 80 feet from a trail in Grand Canyon National Park, according to officials.


Phoenix’s Jaiquan Carter died Tuesday when he fell off the popular South Kaibab Trail and landed over the Black Bridge.


Park officials said the tragic incident occurred when Carter was hiking along the trail.


The Grand Canyon Regional Communication Center said it received a phone call on Tuesday at 7:41 am reporting a fatal accident.


The teams reacted to the scene to find the body of the 23-year-old boy on the bridge, marking the end of the path.


No further details were disclosed about Carter’s death or how he fell.


An investigation has been initiated by the National Park Service in partnership with the Coconino County Medical Examination Office.


His death came just six months after the death of another hiker while hiking the same trail in Grand Canyon National Park.


Catherine Houe, 49, from Daly City, California, died from exposure to heat in June after falling ill on a walk with her husband and a friend.


Houe had trekked about four miles along the South Kaibab Trail on 24 June as the group headed to the Phantom Ranch lodge.


The 49-year-old then became dizzy and stopped breathing. He was taken out of the area by helicopter, but later died.


Just a week later, another woman died in a different area of ​​the park when she fell 100 feet while trying to take a photo.


Maria Salgado Lopez, 59, from Scottsdale, dived with her family on the edge of the canyon west of Cape Mather on the South Shore on July 3.


Park officials said that Lopez was leaving the designated path at the time and took a photo when he accidentally fell.


According to MyGrandCanyonPark.com, it is more common in the Grand Canyon to die from heat or dehydration than from falling off a cliff.


The Grand Canyon National Park was closed for a month in April due to the coronavirus before reopening in May.