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Jaerson Alvarez and Wilmer Alexi Rodriguez (Die While Trying to Save 5-Year-Old Girl) Wiki, Bio, Age

Jaerson Alvarez and Wilmer Alexi Rodriguez

Two teenagers are being praised as heroes after they drowned while trying to save a young girl and her father from a Texas river on Sunday.

The bodies of 18-year-old Jaerson Alvarez and 17-year-old Wilmer Alexi Rodriguez were recovered on Monday morning after they went missing on Sunday evening, CBS affiliate  KHOU reported.
The two had reportedly attempted to rescue a 5-year-old girl who was struggling in the water of Trinity River in Liberty County, located just over 50 miles from Houston.
Several families were at the river at the Highway 105 bridge shortly after 7 p.m. when a 5-year-old girl in the water needed help.
Defoor said the girl’s father, Abel Castellanos, jumped in to save her, and so did a 17-year-old and an 18-year-old, who were not related to the family.
The teens from Beaumont disappeared in the water and never resurfaced.
The bodies of 18-year-old Jaerson Alvarez and 17-year-old Wilmer Alexi Rodriguez were found Monday morning in about 45 feet of water. Searchers used side scan sonar to find them.
Castellanos, 25, was sent to Memorial Hermann Hospital after sipping large amounts of water during recovery. His condition is unknown.
Defoor said that this point of the river is a dangerous place to swim, because it looks calm, but there is always a strong low current.
To contribute to the danger, the river bottom is filled with large holes that catch people on duty.
“You can go out of the waist-deep water and go up a hole 40 to 50 feet deep,” Defoor said. Said.
He also warned that there were crocodiles and a lot of residue in the water.
In the past few years, large signs have been issued along the riverside that warn the public against dangers. However, Defoor said that people demolished them and used them for campfires.
In recent years, about a dozen people have drowned in the same area.
“Although the beach looks inviting, it is not a safe place to swim,” he said. “Over the years, many large wooden signs have been issued here, warning the dangers of swimming, but the public continues to demolish, smash and use them for campfire wood,” DeFoor said. “So our warnings are verbal: Don’t try to swim here.”
According to Blue Bonnet News, Alvarez recently became a father and worked with Rodriguez as a masonry master. Both were enjoying the fishing day before going to the river to help the young girl.
KHOU reported that the corpses of Alvarez and Rodriguez were found by using sonar in about 45 feet of water. The authorities did not update the status of Castellanos.
A GoFundMe was created on Tuesday for Alvarez and Rodriguez to send their bodies back to bury Honduras. Since then he has raised around $ 700 on Tuesday afternoon.
“Real heroes have raised a lot of prayers, real angels for families,” wrote a commentator on social media.
Alvarez’s brother-in-law, Osman Ariel Nieto Baua, went into the water with the youth, and told Blue Bonnet News that he could finally secure his 5-year-old daughter. When he goes to shore, he says he is too weak to return to the water to save Alvarez and Rodriguez.
“Jaerson was a very good person. When he looked at the people on the street, he would take money out of his pocket and give it to them. It didn’t matter if it was 2 or 5 dollars,” Baua said. “When he saw that little girl, he was thinking about his daughter. You should do this when you see someone crying for help. If they die [you didn’t help], it’s your fault. He was working hard to go. Somewhere in your life. ”
Baua added that the family believed that he died while trying to save Alvarez’s cousin, Alvarez.