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Teen shot dead after helping waitress with ‘dine and dash’: Jacqueline De Paz Biography, Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Family, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

Jacqueline De Paz Biography, Wiki, Age, Net Worth

Jacqueline De Paz is a Colorado woman is behind bars after she allegedly shot and killed a teen, following a “dine and dash” attempt at an Aurora restaurant.

CBS Denver reported that the incident took place on December 24 at the Mariscos El Rey 2 restaurant at 10293 E. Iliff Ave. It started when a group of eight people got into an argument with the waiter and complained that their food was cold.


As the argument heated up, the group left the restaurant without paying the bill. It was reported that the waiter followed the group outside, a teenager sitting inside the restaurant and another person following the waiter in defense. It was claimed that one of the people in the group, whose name was 28-year-old Jacqueline De Paz, pulled out the gun and shot the young man. He passed away from his wounds.


The Arapahoe County Court Office identified the victim as 19-year-old Rudy Arguello Rios, Sentinel reported. A spokesperson for the forensic officer’s office said the bullet hit an artery to the left of the victim’s chest.


Several witnesses told the authorities that a melee broke out with a dozen people punching and attacking each other in the restaurant parking lot just before they fired. Video footage of the incident where De Paz was allegedly captured shouted “Take the leap back… I just got the strap” during the fight.


De Paz allegedly fled the scene in a black Mercedes after pulling the trigger.


According to the arrest statement, the waiter “described (Arguello) Rios as a peacekeeper who told others to stop being rude and be respectful.”


The authorities used social media and the suspect’s driving records to identify him, as well as the witness’s videos.


That afternoon, police arrested De Paz during a traffic stop on East Colfax Boulevard and North Boston Street. He is charged with second degree murder.


De Paz is behind bars for a $ 1 million bond.

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