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“Bekomme Kind im Knast” Ist Schwesta Ewa schwanger

Ist Schwesta Ewa schwanger

Ist Schwesta Ewa schwanger: When it comes to scandals, sister Ewa knows her way around. In that sense, the message that she was pregnant would suit her best. Finally, the rapper was recently sentenced to two years and six months in prison. But does the rapper really expect a child?

 “You’re right, I’m seven months pregnant,” writes Schweita Ewa on her Instagram page . “Yes, it was not planned, but that’s the way it happened,” she adds. She posts a picture on which she only wears a thigh-length dress, high heels and a cell phone in her hand. At the same time, she puts her right arm on her stomach, which bulges so hard that there can be no doubt that the rapper is actually expecting offspring.

“The way it looks at the moment, I get my child in jail,” explains the musician in her message. Finally, in June, she was sentenced to prison for tax evasion and assault. Previously, she admitted in court to beat other women.

The allegations of pimping and trafficking, which had initially been brought against them, were dropped. Still, she has been behind bars for two and a half years. Provided the Federal Supreme Court does not yet come to another verdict. Both Schwesta Ewa and the prosecutor have appealed against the original verdict. As the trial is still ongoing, the 34-year-old is currently released after just under eight months pre-trial detention.

“Pray for me”

However, the former prostitute herself does not seem to be really convinced of the chances of success of her appeal. “Pray for me to get a place in the mother-and-child prison,” she writes, addressing her fans. And the polynesian native of Poland also addresses her critics: “And for the inhuman, who will now insult my child, God will do the rest.”

It would be the first offspring for the musician. She does not reveal anything about who the father is in her Instagram message. The fact that she is really pregnant also expresses some doubts. Finally, in the past few weeks and months, Schweita Ewa repeatedly posted revealing photos that showed nothing of a baby’s tummy. “Hello, Photoshop, boy! How I had to edit my photos with Photoshop in the last few months was hell!”, The rapper tells the skeptics, however.

Ewa Mandala, as Schweita Ewa is called bourgeois, worked as a prostitute before she began to rap in the atmosphere of the Frankfurt scene. With a lot of naked skin and explicit lyrics, she became one of the most successful female figureheads of Deutschrap. But even beyond the music, she remained scandalous through her connections to the red light district.

Ist Schwesta Ewa schwanger

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