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6-year-old Isabel Mercedes Celis vanished from her home. Tucson police said underwater searches have turned up no sign of her. Police are now looking for anyone who took video during a baseball game that Isabel’s family attended the night before she disappeared. Neighbor Alicia Stardevant lives next door to the family’s home; a wall separates her bedroom from Isabel’s. On Saturday she woke up to noises outside her window. “I noticed two male voices outside my bedroom window and I also noticed their dogs just going crazy, too,” Stardevant said. “I didn’t really think anything of it because it was light outside and I thought maybe someone was going for a walk,” Sturdevant told CNN’s Nancy Grace she wished she had paid closer attention because there shouldn’t have been anyone in the breezeway between the two properties.

Death Penalty for Christopher Matthew

Arizona will seek the death penalty for Christopher Matthew Clements, the man accused of killing Isabel Celis and Maribel Victoria Gonzales. According to a spokeswoman at Pima County Superior Court, the judge will be issuing a notice specific to this filing in the next week or so. Clements is facing 22 felony charges, including two counts of first-degree murder. Celis was 6 years old when she vanished from her parents’ east-side home in April 2012. Just two years later, a 13-year-old Gonzales disappeared while walking to a friend’s house. Both girls were found dead near Trico and West Avra Valley roads.