Sri Lanka Bomber Imsath Ahmed Ibrahim Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Suicide Attack, 10 Facts You Need to Know

Imsath Ahmed Ibrahim Wiki

Ilham Ahmed Ibrahim and his brother Imsath Ahmed Ibrahim were previously identified as two of the suicide bombers in Sunday’s attacks, which left at least 359 people dead across the country.
Police have confirmed that they are holding the brothers’ father, Mohamed Yusuf Ibrahim, a wealthy spice trader, on suspicion of aiding and abetting his sons.
Police spokesman Ruwan Gunasekera said the elder Ibrahim was is in custody, as are all other members of the Ibrahim family police are aware of in the country.

Mohamed Ibrahim is the founder of Colombo-based Ishana Exports, which describes itself on its website as the “largest exporter of spices from Sri Lanka since 2006.” Other members of the Ibrahim family known to police have also been detained.
Adding to the ongoing turmoil in the aftermath of the attacks, Sri Lanka’s Defense Secretary Hemasiri Fernando submitted his letter of resignation on Thursday. The government has previously acknowledged and apologized for failing to act on warnings received from Indian intelligence before the bombings.
Meanwhile, lawyers for four men arrested in January north of Colombo, in connection with an explosives plot, told CNN that none were involved in Sunday’s attack. Ishmail Mohammed Naleem, a lawyer for the group, said all four were still alive, and that any suggestion they were involved in the Easter Sunday bombings was untrue.
A huge international criminal investigation was ramping up in Sri Lanka, with six foreign police agencies and Interpol assisting local police, including Scotland Yard from the UK and the FBI from the US.

10 Facts You Need to Know

  • Wealthy brothers Inshaf and Ilham Ibrahim bombed the luxury Shangri-La and Cinnamon Grand hotels in Sri Lanka’s Easter Sunday terror attack
  • Suicide bomber brothers were the sons of a millionaire spice trader and were privately educated in Colombo
  • Their attacks claimed the lives of at least 41 foreigners, including eight British holidaymakers – three of whom were children
  • As police raided their £1m mansion in an exclusive neighborhood of Colombo, Ilham’s pregnant wife Fatima blew herself up, killing her three children and three officers
  • Inshaf, a successful businessman, owned a copper factory thought to be where the suicide bombs were made 
  • At least 321 people were murdered in the massacre, 45 of them children, while more than 500 were injured
  • Chilling footage shows Ilham and an accomplice bomber attack the Shangri-La while guests had breakfast 
  • Second clip earlier showed different bomber patting a girl on the head before launching an attack on a church 
  • ISIS has claimed responsibility and released footage of the fighters swearing allegiance to the jihadist group