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Who is Paris Knifeman Michael Harpon's Wife: Ilham Eddibes Biography, Wiki, Age, Husband,Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Fast Facts You Need to Know

Ilham Eddibes Biography

Ilham Eddibes is the wife of Paris knifeman Michael Harpoon. She arrested from her home after her husband Michael Harpon is stabbed with a knife and killed four colleagues includeing one woman and three men. Her husband Michael Harpon shot and dead after horrific stabbing in police headquarter in Paris.

Here is all the information that we know about this Ilham Eddibes, currently in custody of Paris police.

Ilham Eddibes Married to Michael Harpoon

Ilham Eddibe Married to her husband Michael Harpoon in 2014 after he converted to Islam.

Ilham Eddibes Arrested

Ilham was arrested hours later and told police that Harpon had become ‘incoherent’ and was displaying ‘unusual and agitated behavior’ on Wednesday night before waking ‘abruptly’ yesterday morning, BFM reported.
After the detention of Paris Knifeman Michael Harpon’s Wife Ilham Eddibe, the Investigators searches and the examination of her computer and his laptop and cellphones but the investigation reports about the finding of an investigator from the data recovered from her apartment not been disclosed by the police authorities of Paris.

Ilham Eddibes Children

She has two children with her husband Michael Harpon But no further info regarding her children’s are available.

Who is Michael Harpoon

The alleged assailant shot is called Mickaël Harpon. Born in Fort – de – France ( Martinique ) in 1974, he converted to Islam eighteen months before his attack and attended the mosque of Fauconnière, Gonesse.
Specializing in computer maintenance, he worked at the police headquarters for more than fifteen years. He was entitled “Secret Defense” , the highest in the police. His job was to work on information systems.
The wife of the suspect, Ilham Eddibes is placed in custody and his home in the town of Gonesse ( Val-d’Oise ) was raided by investigators. The couple is deaf-mute. While in police custody , she mentions that her husband “heard voices” the night before the attack and that he “was incoherent” 

Michael Harpoon Shot Dead

Michael Harpon was shot in the head yesterday by an officer who had just joined the force, after slaughtering three men and one woman with a ceramic knife in a 30-minute frenzy at the police headquarters in Paris.
According to Le Parisien, Harpon had left no suicide note and there was no claim of allegiance to an extremist group.

The spokeswoman told Franceinfo radio today the possibility of a terror motive ‘has clearly not been ruled out’.

She said: ‘But it is important to emphasize – you are not a terrorist because you are Muslim and converting to Islam is not an automatic sign of radicalization. The facts need to be looked at carefully.

Fast Facts You Need to Know

  • Michael Harpon was shot dead yesterday after murdering four of his colleagues
  • His wife Ilham Michael was arrested and said Harpon had become ‘incoherent’ the night before
  • A search of Harpon’s flat yesterday found no initial evidence of radicalization  
  • Police are examining whether he had a grudge against his colleagues at the HQ
  • Anti-terror agencies are monitoring the investigation but not directly involved 

Paris Knife Attack Suspect Shot Dead: Michael Harpon Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Net Worth, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Fast Facts You Need to Know