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Idibala dance Challenge

Idibala dance Challenge: There is a new challenge doing the rounds on social media, and while some may consider it to be fun, many have labeled it a bit dangerous.

A new ‘fainting dance’ has gripped the Republic of South Africa, and folks all over are actually ‘collapsing’ as they get in on a chunk of the action.

Limpopo-born musician King Monada’s hit song Malwedhe, which implies “illness”, has impressed a dance in contrast to something we’ve ever seen before.

Introducing the Idibala Challenge, that sees individuals being attentive to the song and ‘fainting’ once the words ‘Idibala’ plays. The South African reports that the translated version of the chorus is, “When you don’t click, I faint”, and it goes on to mention, “When you turn off your phone, I faint”.

Fans around Mzansi have taken to social media to post videos of themselves doing the ‘fainting dance’, falling to the ground once the lyrics drop. In lecture rooms, faculty grounds, and construction sites, it’s safe to mention that the Idibala Challenge is that the latest craze.

However, the challenge has go together with a warning. a couple of ‘geniuses’ (and i take advantage of this term loosely) have tried the challenge while driving – that positively is not safe. Accidents will happen within the blink of an eye fixed, and ‘fainting’ at the incorrect time is fatal. Please do not try the challenge behind the wheel. Let’s be safe.

I have found a couple of videos of the challenge that have left American state in hysterics.

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