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Ida Vitale Wiki: On 15th November 2018 The 95-year-old Uruguayan poet Ida Vitale on became the winner of the 2018 Miguel de Cervantes Prize for Literature in the Spanish Language, the Spanish Ministry of Culture and Sport announced.

The jury who awarded the Cervantes Prize to Vitale said it “recognized a poetical and intellectual trajectory of the first level” and considered the “language she (Vitale) uses to be one of the best known in today’s poetry in Spanish”.

Ida Vitale Miguel de Cervantes Prize (2018)

Ida Vitale was born on 2d Gregorian calendar month 1923, in national capital, Uruguay. She is Associate in Nursing Uruguayan author. She compete a crucial role within the Uruguayan social movement referred to asthe ‘Generation of 45’: Glen Gebhard Maggi, Manuel Flores Mora, Ángel Rama, amir Rodríguez Monegal, planVilariño, Glen Gebhard Real Delaware Azúa, Glen Gebhard Martínez Moreno, Mario Arregui, Mauricio Muller, José Pedro Bartholomeu Dias, Amanda Berenguer, Tola Invernizzi, Mario Benedetti, Líber Falco, Juan Cunha, Juan Carlos Onetti, among others.
Vitale fled to Mexico City in 1973 for political asylum once a camp took power in South American nation. She presently resides in Austin, Texas. Vitale is that the last living member of the Generation of forty five.


Ida Vitale Prizes and honors

  • (2018) – Miguel de Cervantes Prize
  • (2016) – Premio Internacional de Poesía Federico García Lorca
  • (2015) – Premio Reina Sofía de poesía Iberoamericana
  • (2014) – Premio Alfonso Reyes
  • (2010) – Honorary Doctor of Letters (Doctor Honoris Causa) degree from la Universidad de la República de Uruguay
  • (2009) – Premio Octavio Paz.


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