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Hideaki Hatta Biography

Hideaki Hatta Biography

Hideaki Hatta is the CEO of Kyoto Animation. Kyoto Animation was established by his wife. He has appeared in several movies: The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya

Hideaki Hatta Wife

his wife name is Yoko Hatta.

Kyoto Animation Arson Japan

Kyoto Animation Co., Ltd. is a Japanese animation studio and a light novel publisher located in Uji, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan. It was established in 1981 by former Mushi Prostaff. Presided by Hideaki Hatta, the company is also affiliated with the studio Animation Do. Since 2009, the company began to hold the Kyoto Animation Award for new stories, with the first work being published in 2011 as a light novel in their KA Esuma Bunko imprint which was created on the same year as well. As of 2015, Kyoto Animation has headed production for 21 anime series and several films. Unlike most animation studios, Kyoto Animation’s animators are salaried employees rather than freelance animators paid per frame. Therefore, Kyoto Animation animators are able to focus more on the quality of each frame rather than the number of frames they produce.

During the morning hours of 18 July 2019, an arson attack was carried out at the studio that resulted in at least 33 deaths. The reasoning behind the attack remains unknown.

Kyoto Animation Arson Attack

At least 33 people are dead after a man screaming ‘You die!’ burst into an animation studio in Japan and set it on fire.

The suspected arson attack in Kyoto injured dozens of more people, Japanese authorities said.

The suspect is being treated for burns injuries having been caught up in his own blaze.

Dramatic footage captured by Japanese media shows the suspect being apprehended by police.

Kyoto Animation Arson Attack Suspect

Police said a suspect is a 41-year-old man who did not work at the studio. Investigators would not give any details on the motive, but a witness told Japanese TV that the attacker angrily complained that something of his had been stolen, possibly by the company.

The suspect was injured and was being treated in hospital, so police could not immediately question him, NHK said.

Japanese media reports said a man in his 40s had earlier bought 40 litres (nine gallons) of petrol at a nearby petrol station. Two containers used for the fuel were later found at the scene of the fire, Asahi Shimbun newspaper reported.

Meanwhile Kyoto Animation Director Hideaki Hatta told the broadcaster that the company had recently received threatening emails.

“They were addressed to our office and sales department and told us to die,” he said.

Mr Hatta told reporters that he was “heartbroken” at the attack.

“It is unbearable that the people who helped carry Japan’s animation industry were hurt and lost their lives in this way,” he said.

A witness who saw the attacker said he was not a colleague and that he was screaming ‘You die!’ when he dumped the liquid and started the fire, according to Japanese media reports.

Fast Facts You Need to Know

  • 33 people died in a suspected arson attack at an animation studio in Kyoto
  • Authorities say that at least 36 more people have been injured, with some critical
  • A man screaming ‘You die’ started a fire at a famous animation production studio
  • The fire started at 10.30am local time on Thursday and was burning two hours later
  • The suspect, who was injured, has been arrested but a motive is as yet unclear