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Hester Jordan Burkhalter Wiki

Hester Jordan Burkhalter is a 69-year-old North Carolina resident who was arrested at Disney World in Orange County, Florida because she was found with CBD oil in her purse.

Hester Jordan Burkhalter Wiki

CBD, which is sold on shelves across Florida, earned Burkhalter a felony charge, a mugshot and 12 hours in jail.

According to the police report, a Disney security guard contacted an Orange County Deputy on the suspicion that Burkhalter’s oil contained THC in it. The report states Burkhalter refused to answer the question of if her CBD contained THC – the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis that produces a high.

After the Orange County Deputy arrived on the scene,  the bottle of CBD was then tested for any suspected THC oil. Although the bottle stated there was zero THCwithin the oil, the test kit turned red, indicating a positive result for the presence of the ingredient. Burkhalter was then arrested.

After Burkhalter’s arrest, the great-grandmother’s story was picked up by Orlando’s Fox affiliate, Fox 35. The local station’s report helped out Burkhalter, as the station claims prosecutors dropped all of their charges after reporters started asking questions.

Hester Jordan Burkhalter Wiki

Fast Facts You Need to Know

  • Burkhalter Was Recommended By a Doctor To Use CBD
  • According To Law Enforcement, Burkhalter Was Arrested Because CBD Is Still Illegal in Florida
  • The Charges Against Burkhalter Were Dropped by Prosecutors
  • This Is The Only Time Burkhalter Has Been Arrested
  • Burkhalter’s Arrest Falls Into What Experts Call The ‘Ultimate Gray Area of The Law’

Hester Jordan Burkhalter Wiki

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