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Heather Nauert wiki: Heather Ann Nauert born on January 27, 1970,. Heather Nauert is an American journalist, government official, and diplomat, currently serving as Spokesperson for the United States Department of State since April 24, 2017, appointed by President Donald Trump. Prior to the State Department, Heather Nauert also worked as an ABC News correspondent as well as a news presenter on the Fox News program Fox & Friends. On December 7, 2018, President Trump announced that he will nominate Heather Nauert to succeed Nikki Haley as the United States Ambassador to the United Nations.

Heather Nauert Early life

Heather Nauert is a native of Rockford, Illinois. Her father, Peter Nauert, was an executive in the insurance industry. Heather Nauert has 3 brothers: Justin, Jonathan and Joseph.

Heather Nauert attended Keith Country Day School in Rockford, Illinois, Pine Manor College in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts, then Arizona State University. After landing an internship hosting a country music video program in Washington, DC, Heather Nauert stayed there to finish school, earning her Bachelor of Arts degree in communications from Mount Vernon College for Women. Heather Nauert received her master’s degree in journalism from Columbia University

Heather Nauert Consulting

Heather Nauert has also worked as a government affairs consultant on issues including health insurance, Social Security and taxes. Heather Nauert was also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.

Heather Nauert United States Department of State

Heather Nauert and Mike Pompeo meeting with Chinese State Councilor Wang Yiin Beijing, China on June 14, 2018

On April 24, 2017, the United States Department of State announced that Heather Nauert would be the new State Department spokesperson, her first role in government. Heather Nauert held her first press briefing in that role five weeks later, on June 6, 2017. Following the dismissal of Steve Goldstein on March 13, 2018, Heather Nauert was named acting Under Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs.

In April 2018, Heather Nauert voiced support for Saudi Arabian-led intervention in Yemen. Heather Nauert also condemned “Iran’s malign influence” in Yemen. In May 2018, Heather Nauert said in response to the Gaza border protests: “We oppose actions against Israel at the International Criminal Court (…) because it does not help the cause for peace.”

In July 2018, Heather Nauert stirred up controversy when citing the Invasion of Normandy as evidence of a strong relationship between the United States and Germany on the anniversary of the D-Day invasion.

In August 2018, Canada called for the immediate release of Saudi human rights activist Raif Badawi and his sister, Samar Badawi. In response to Canada’s criticism, Saudi Arabia expelled the Ambassador of Canada and froze trade with Canada, leading to a decline in Canada–Saudi Arabia relations. Heather Nauert said: “It is up for the Government of Saudi Arabia and the Canadians to work this out. Both sides need to diplomatically resolve this together. We cannot do it for them.”

On November 1, 2018, it was reported that President Trump offered Heather Nauert the position of United States Ambassador to the United Nations to replace the outgoing officeholder, Nikki Haley. Sources reported that Trump previously had former presidential advisor Dina Powell on the top of his list of people under consideration for the position before Heather Nauert withdrew her name.

United States Ambassador to the United Nations

On December 6, 2018, major news organizations reported that President Trump had picked Heather Nauert to become United States Ambassador to the United Nations. Trump told reporters recently that Heather Nauert was “excellent,” adding, Heather Nauert’s been a supporter for a long time.”

Heather Nauert Personal life

Heather Nauert is married to Scott Norby, executive director of private credit and equity for Morgan Stanley, who previously held positions at National Veterinary Associates, UBS, Goldman Sachs, and Cargill. The couple have two sons.


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