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Who is Heather McCarthy Wiki, Biography, Age, Net Worth, Instagram, Hidden Facts You Need to Know

Heather McCarthy Wiki – Heather McCarthy Biography

Heather McCarthy A drug addict office manager who stole £7,700 from her boss in a timesheet scam was spared jail because a judge said he didn’t want to separate her from her ten-month-old child.

Heather McCarthy, 33, stole funds from recruitment company Paragon Meed in Bury, Greater Manchester, between 2018-2019 to feed her cocaine habit.


Before the thefts were discovered – and after suspicions rose among his senior colleagues – he left his job and gave birth to his child in January 2020.


McCarthy admitted that he was fraudulent with abuse of office, but was sentenced to eight months in prison, which was suspended for two years, as Judge Paul Lawton said: “I will not separate you from the boy.”


McCarthy of Liverpool, West Derby, explained to his lawyers the existence of the boy – currently ten months old – on the day he was sentenced.


During the theft investigations, it was revealed that McCarthy was previously caught stealing money from two former employers and was imprisoned.


Paragon Meed bosses were unaware of his criminal history.


Currently living with a businessman who is not the father of the baby, McCarthy missed several hearings citing ‘anxiety’ and Covid-19 and is currently working as a manager at a telecom firm.


McCarthy sobbed on the dock and repeated ‘thank you very much’ as ​​Mr Lawton had told him: ‘I will not separate you from the boy.


You’ve been in trouble since the crime was committed, and I was told this morning that you informed your lawyer of the birth of your first child in January 2020.


But you’ve made endless excuses to avoid appearing in court.


‘You cannot steal from your employer and ignore the consequences, especially if you are in prison for exactly the same kind of crime.


Even though you knew the results, you stole from your employers and violated their trust.


He said earlier, ‘When I first paid him on bail, he made serious claims that he would go on appointments with the probation service and hire a lawyer for him. He then tried to ignore these transactions.


I’ve had endless emails that seemed to me using Covid as an excuse.


He said he had an anxiety problem, but most people faced with a breach of confidence at the Royal Court would find themselves in anxiety.


I’m afraid it serves itself. I have the impression that he’s buried his head in the sand. ”


The thefts occurred between June 2018 and June 2019 after McCarthy started working as a recruitment consultant at Paragon Meed.


Craig MacGregor’s case said: ‘He helped recruit staff for large companies to work in their warehouses.


He would interview potential staff, make sure that his documents were up to date and in order, and that timesheets were entered correctly.


However, in July 2019, Ms McCarthy was summoned before her bosses to explain why labor standards were falling.


Instead of resigning from the company citing problems with drugs and debt, he never went to the meeting.


Later, after she left, an audit was conducted and it was found that two former employees had posted their timesheets and that Ms. McCarthy’s accounts were paid.


The court heard about 20 fraudulent transactions that cleared McCarthy of £ 7,710.29 using the fake timesheet method.


In February this year, he was interrogated by the police and confessed: ‘It was me’.


Mr. MacGregor added: ‘He said he had an old partner who pushed him to do this.


He threatened that if he doesn’t do that, he will reveal his past to his employees. He said he gave some of the money to his ex-partner, who spent the rest on drugs and booze.


He said that he resigned because he wanted to keep his perfect resume and worked as a recruitment consultant again during the interview.


In fact, he seems to have never told the company about his previous convictions, and he also spoke to his new employers of their convictions. It is a permanent scam. ‘


McCarthy had previously been convicted of stealing from an employer in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, in 2011, and was given a suspended sentence.


He was sentenced to 12 weeks in prison in 2017 after stealing £ 4,800 from Belvior Sales and Lettings agency in West Derby, where he worked as a real estate agent.


He took the rent in cash and then kept it and paid the money on his own account, citing his drug debt.


At the time, McCarthy said that a ‘toxic’ relationship led to her falling into the drug and alcohol addiction model at the time of crime.


His lawyer, Thomas McKail, said of his most recent charges: ‘The detention threshold has clearly been exceeded. His offense was obvious as he had access to his own bank account, so inspection was obvious when he realized he was transferring money to him.


But he was in a rather desperate situation in his life, and years ago he was addicted to cocaine because he was in an abusive relationship. This has been an escape mechanism and has led to some degree of disturbing behavior.

‘She is clearly not without promise as while there may have been issues regarding the disclosure of her employment, she has always found herself in work. She did not join the company having set out to steal from it. Her case is simply aggravated severely by her previous convictions.

‘She gave birth to her first child in January this year. This fact is not in the probation report on her, but she says she never told them given her post-natal depression.

‘She has not engaged very well with the probation service and should have made a stronger attempt to explain her situation fully at interview. She is very concerned about the welfare of her young child.

‘She is living with her new partner who owns his own company. He is not the father of her child but they live together as a family. She has been employed for the past 12 months and has saved up £1,800 to go towards paying back the money she stole from the company.

‘She has used her time since the offence positively and constructively, is the mother of a child and is in a desperate position. She has not been thinking clearly about these proceedings.

‘She has not committed any new offences since this offence and she has turned her life around.

‘She surrendered herself to police two days before this hearing and her two days in custody have been extremely hard for her thinking about how she has lived in the past.

‘She asks for mercy today and report on her says she is at a low to medium risk of re-offending.’