Mother Desperate for Answers in Disappearance of 15-year-old: Hayley Lamez Wiki, Bio, Age, Mother, Fast Facts You Need to Know

Hayley Lamez Wiki

Hayley Lamez Wiki

Hayley Marie Lamez, 15, has been missing since February 24 and her mother has expressed concern that her daughter may have been taken to Las Vegas and forced into sex trafficking.

Hayley Lamez Wiki

Lamez left her home in Redding, California on February 4, 2019, following an argument. She told her parents she was staying with friends. She refused to come home but kept in contact with her mother, Alisha Lamez.

Then on February 24, all communication stopped. Her family told NBC News that Lamez’s social media accounts also went quiet on that day.

Hayley Lamez Has Waist-Length Black Hair, Blue Eyes & a Nose Piercing

Hayley Lamez is listed on the Redding Police Department’s website as a “Missing Person.” Her mother, Alisha Lamez, reported her daughter as missing on February 4, 2019. The teen left the house while her parents were sleeping.

Lamez’s date of birth is listed as October 25, 2003. The police website states that she is 5’7″, but her family shared on the “Help Find Hayley Lamez” Facebook page that she is actually 5’10” and weighs about 130 pounds.

At the time of her disappearance, Lamez had black hair that reached to her waist. Her family has also released photos of Lamez with lighter-colored hair. She has blue eyes and a nose piercing.

Anyone with information about where she might be is asked to call the Redding Police Department at 530-225-4200. You can also call the Nor-Cal Alliance For The Missing anonymous tip line at 530-378-4491. Tips can be submitted online here.

Alisha Lamez Says Hayley Snuck Out of the House After They Had an Argument & Shared on Facebook That Her Daughter Has a History of Running Away

Alisha Lamez, Hayley’s mother, told NBC News that the last time she saw her daughter, they had a fight. That was on February 4, 2019. She says Hayley left the house after they had gone to bed that night. She added that Hayley didn’t take many clothes with her and does not have access to a bank account or a car.

Mrs. Lamez wrote a message to her daughter on Facebook on April 7, alluding to their past arguments. “Not knowing where you are is terrifying not knowing if you’re alive is absolute torture… knowing that someone out there must know something is complete anguish… I cant begin to express how horrified and heartbroken I am not knowing… I cant express how sad I am missing you or how much I love you… and I cant apologize enough for all our fights over doing dishes and bad grades… please come home please at least let us know you’re alive…”

Mrs. Lamez added on Facebook that her daughter has run away from home before.

Hayley Lamez Told Her Mother She Was Staying With Friends in Redding & Used a Phone That Could Not Be Traced

Hayley Lamez stayed in touch with her mother for nearly three weeks after leaving the Redding, California home. Alisha Lamez told NBC News that the teenager was using a cellphone that only connected to Wifi and that its location could not be traced.

Mrs. Lamez says that if she had been able to figure out where Hayley was staying, she would have gone to get her daughter. She says Hayley told her she was staying with friends and that she was safe.

But the communication stopped on February 24. Mrs. Lamez says she kept trying to contact Hayley and was concerned that Hayley had stopped updating her social media profiles. Her friends and siblings say they also have not heard from Hayley since that day.

Lamez Family: Hayley May Have Been Taken to Las Vegas

The Lamez family created the Help Find Hayley Lamez Facebook page in early April to spread the word about their daughter. The first message, shared on April 3, included that the family had received a tip that Hayley may have been taken to Las Vegas. Alisha Lamez told Dateline that she fears Hayley may have been forced into the sex trade

Hayley Lamez Wiki

The family has been putting up fliers in Redding and in Las Vegas in addition to the social media efforts. Her mother wrote on Facebook urging the community to keep looking and to keep the fliers up. “I am still here begging everyone to continue to share and look for Hayley. I know that there is a day that people will stop sharing, stop looking, stop thinking about her, it’s already happened all the businesses I put up flyers have removed them… I will never stop searching for her , there isn’t anything I wouldn’t do to bring her home or know that she is ok.”

Hayley Lamez Has Four Younger Sisters & Attended Shasta High School in Redding

Hayley Lamez lists Los Angeles as her hometown on her Facebook page. She is a student at Shasta High School in Redding.

According to her mother’s Facebook page, there are five daughters in the Lamez household. Hayley is the oldest. Alisha Lamez has on her page, “I’m a mom to 5 of the most beautiful smart wonderful amazing girls ever!! I am raising women who will soar in the skies and breath fire!!!” Hayley’s father, Michael Lamez, includes in his bio, “My girls are everything.”