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Harry Tzianakis? (Brooklyn Cyclist) Biography, Harry Tzianakis Wiki

Harry Tzianakis has been identified as the cyclist who went on a racist tirade on an Asian man who honked at him because he was swerving in the middle of the road in a video widely circulated on social media. Harry calls the Asian Driver “Yellow B**ch” and Other Slurs. On July 28th, Zane Tang posted about a racist attack he experienced. According to Tang, the man began shouting slurs at Tang and his non-English speaking uncle.

Harry Tzianakis Video

The original video shared by Zane Tang on Facebook on Tuesday, July 28th along with a lengthy caption detailing the incident, which took place in Brooklyn, New York City last week.

The original video was shared by Zane Tang on Facebook on Tuesday with a long subtitle about the incident that took place in Brooklyn in New York last week.
58.-59 when Tang realized that a cyclist in front of him was walking “in the middle of the street like his domain” in the middle of the road. He says he’s driving along 7th Street between St. Tang gave a light horn to let him know that he was behind him, and the cyclist responded by turning him.
According to Tang, the cyclist looked at his vehicle and the brake checked it, hit his vehicle and asked Tang to check if the man was okay, use the bike lane and ask him. why was he going in and out of a two-way street.
The man then launched a swearing racist tirade against Tang and his uncle who did not speak English and threw humiliating humiliations at them. “You yellow b * tches shouldn’t be here, this is my country, I was born here,” said the man, the weakest race on the planet before he called them “inbreds” and “f * ggots”.
“I didn’t have to try so hard to avoid being physical myself … Not just because I’m an PRIDE Asian, but also because I have black brothers and I’m proud of them,” Tang wrote.
Tang tried to get away from the conflict three times, but stopped when the man started punching his car. At that point, Tang took off his phone and started pulling the cyclist.
In the video shared by Tang, the man claims in a call of 911 that Tang was trying to run him and was injured. “There’s a man who died on the ground,” can be heard saying: The cyclist can then be seen trying to attack Tang as he approaches to save the man.
“Why are you all obliquely blocking your eyes because you are immigrants,” he says as he continues racially abusing Tang and his uncle. “Because you are normalizing your sisters c * cking.”
The man also makes racist statements about Black people and refers to them as “r * tards” and almost uses the word N-before stopping. He then brags about how his bike is worth more than Tang’s car and threatens with “slapping his job from him”.
As soon as the police and paramedics arrived at the scene, the cyclist stopped claiming he was injured, but asked for Tang’s arrest. The police prepared a report stating that the man’s bike was not damaged.
According to Tang, the cyclist, later identified as Harry Tzianakis, has a history of harassing the Asian community in Brooklyn, where they can hear abuse in the video after coming to see Tzianakis, according to Asian residents of 7th and 8th Ave. What was the turmoil about?
“Unfortunately, any of his previous victims were ex-Asian immigrants who could not understand their racist language or DEFEND themselves because of the language barrier.” It currently encourages social media users to share their duties, so Asian Americans, especially former Asian Americans, can learn how to protect themselves in situations like themselves.