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Found Dead: Harley Dilly (Missing Idaho Kids) Bio, Wiki, Age, Married, Net Worth, Twitter, Instagram, Quick Facts You Need to Know

Harley Dilly Bio

Harley Dilly is a YouTuber, Fourteen-year-old Harley disappeared more than two weeks ago, and since then, police and rescue teams have searched 150 acres of land around Port Clinton.
Harley was an avid user of social media, and he posted a slew of Madden gaming videos online, among others, as he sought YouTube stardom; this is raising concern, as the teenager even posted his phone number with one video. However, authorities initially said they didn’t think the boy was abducted. That was early on, though.

Harley Dilly Age

He is 14 years old.

Harley Dilly Parents

Harley’s parents are named Heather and Marcus Dilly. The profile picture of Harley’s mother shows a candle and the hashtag, #comehomeharleydilly. Heather Dilly wrote that she is married to Marcus Dilly. She describes herself as “Daughter, Wife, Mom, Aunt and Mimi … For some sister, never of blood but always of memory.”
Marcus Dilly’s Facebook page says he is a truck driver in Republic Trash Services from Cleveland. In 2015, he wrote: “My wife is a great person. She takes care of everything and everyone and I go home to a clean house and good food. She deserves hugs kisses and flowers more often. I love you, Heather Styndl Dilly.

Heather Dilly told the Cleveland WEWS ABC station. “I mean, someone had to have seen something. You watch everything on TV, you watch all these crime shows and you think, “Oh, that will never happen.” And they solve it in an hour. It doesn’t take an hour to discover everything. I love you Harley, please come home. Please, just … We need you, I don’t think you ran, but if you did please, it’s not you. ”
She added: “The scrutiny that comes with this, nobody tells you how you are going to be beaten and your family. And the main focus is Harley. That is the most important. You know, everyone can think what they want and that’s fine. But he’s out there somewhere, and you know, it’s two weeks and I have to get up every day and look in that room and he’s not there. I have to see his light. I am not even going to sleep in my own bed. I have to go to bed on the couch to make sure I get in.
When asked when he saw his son for the last time, Heather told the television station: “I didn’t see him, I talked to him,” without explaining more. She said her husband drives at 2 a.m. Looking for the child.
In 2015, on a separate Facebook page, Heather Dilly wrote: “Because of a birch (sic) that stabbed a friend’s back … I realized that I need to keep my family close … not to pretend to pretend. That said, I will delete this book of faces and start a new one where all these photos from the last 5 years will be deleted … this life, as I know, is over and it is time to focus on my husband, son, furgirl and myself. ”
She wrote that same year, “I’m tired of my heart breaking … I don’t care anymore, I want to be left alone … The pain is very real to feel … I am the problem, and what do you do with a problem? find a solution … Ok … I won’t fight anymore. ” Heather wrote on Facebook that she met Marcus in 1993. ”
In 2015, she also wrote: “Okay. I will not go into details, but Harley is bored and we, the bored children, will get into trouble …” And that same year: “Omg omg omg big surprise for Harley Dilly for her birthday … Let’s say … life is getting much busier … and I love it ❤ ”
Harley had a Facebook page, but he doesn’t have much. A drawing, a picture of a dog, and not much else. He shared the number 01 created from a Confederate flag and an image of a video game scene with the word “crime” drawn, but those are old publications.

Harley Dilly Social Media

Two months ago, Harley commented on a Reddit thread called Madden Mobile youtubers?
Harley wrote on the thread, “Watch me my name is Harley Dilly 2.0.” Another user then wrote, “Hi trash.” He wrote, “How the f*ck you find me?” The other user responded, “I find anyone.” Harley wrote, “Except for me IRL.” The other user wrote, “I’m ready,” to which a second user added, “Y’all need to chill damn 🤣🤣.” Months later, a person wrote, “Hey this kid went missing 11 days ago.” You can see his Reddit posts here.

Harley Dilly Missing

As the search continues for the teenager, counselors will be on hand Monday to help students and staff cope with his disappearance.
Since his disappearance, thousands of fliers have been distributed across the state and country. His case has been featured on Good Morning America and LIVE PD.
Police believe he is in danger and that he wasn’t dressed to be outside for long periods of time.
His mother spoke to News 5 about her son’s disappearance.
“I love you, Harley. Please come home. Please, son just… I need you. Don’t
According to police, Harley “was last seen on December 20th, 2019 in Port Clinton, Ohio, as Harley was leaving for school between the hours of 6:00am and 7:00am but never arrived…Law enforcement is concerned for his safety.” In a press conference, the chief said Harley had complained of feeling sick but was told to go to school.

Harley Dilly Found Dead

Almost a month after Harley Dilly disappeared on his way to school, police believe the Ohio boy’s body has been found in a chimney.

“This is not the outcome anyone wanted, but … we have some closure for the family,” Port Clinton Police Chief Robert Hickman said Tuesday.
At least 75 law enforcement agencies have scoured more than 150 acres with helicopters, trained dogs and search-and-rescue teams, Port Clinton police said.
There were no signs of forced entry to the house, and there was a lockbox for keys, Hickman said.
Police went in and discovered a tragic scene.
“Harley’s coat, glasses were discovered on the second floor of the house next to a brick chimney,” Hickman said.
“We were then able to discover what we believe to be Harley, who was caught in the chimney.”
An autopsy was being performed Tuesday to confirm the body’s identity and the cause of death.
“This appears to be an accident,” the police chief said.
“It appears Harley climbed an antenna tower to the roof and entered a chimney. Once in the chimney, Harley’s jacket and glasses were pushed from the chimney, through a flue, and into the second floor of the house. The chimney was blocked between the second and first floor, which trapped Harley.”
It was not clear why the boy may have tried to enter the chimney.


According to the Port Clinton police Facebook page, the reward for information leading to Harley’s safe return had risen to nearly $10,000 as of Friday, Jan. 3.
When last seen, Harley was wearing a maroon puffer jacket, grey sweatpants, and black tennis shoes. He wears eyeglasses. People with information should call the Port Clinton Police Department at 419-734-3121.