Watch Hard Rock Hotel Collapse Video: At Least one dead 3 Missing and 18 Transported to Hospital

Hard Rock Hotel Collapse

Hard Rock Hotel Collapse

A hard rock hotel in New Orleans, whose construction had been partially paralyzed, collapsed on Saturday in daylight.

The embers and city police departments were considered secret and emergency medical facilities. It is undefined if someone has been disrespected.

The upper floors began to slide very sharply from any unconventional tip, one side of the building was a victim of the closed auditorium, Associated Press reported.

The city’s fire department posted photos on Twitter that show the roof and several floors, which were partially destroyed after a large pile of rubble scattered down the street below.
The video, taken by a viewer and broadcast on WWL TV, shows the devastation of the upper floors.

The New Orleans EMS reported in the local statement that at least three people were injured in the incident and were taken to the hospital for treatment. Local ambulance operator Arcadian Companies said it took 13 local patients to hospitals.

The teams had hoisted and installed a rooftop pool this week, local subsidiary FOX 8 reported.

The construction of the hotel on Canal Street in downtown New Orleans was announced in February 2018. Originally, Hard Rock International had planned to extend its lead over the hotel in the spring of 2019, but the facilities were postponed for spring. in 2020. The company planned to build 350 hotel rooms, four meeting rooms, two ballrooms, and 62 units. One or two bedrooms.

The development of the hotels had been part of a local revival of demarcation projects that arrived at the site under the apology of FOX 8. Another building on Canal Street was destroyed by a fire three years ago. An ancient theater had not been played when Hurricane Katrina hit the city.

Firefighters tweeted a photo of Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards on the scene. The official allegedly fought after the incident in New Orleans.

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