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Hans Berglund Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Net Worth, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Fast Facts You Need to Know

Hans Berglund Biography – Hans Berglund Wiki

Hans Berglund, the founder and CEO of organic fertilizer company AgroPlasma, was caught on camera recently calling a black Uber driver the N-word after the driver asked him to sit in the back seat of his car.

Hans Berglund Life, Career

Hans Berglund founded the fertilizer supply company Agroplasma Inc. in 2004 in Tempe, according to its website. The company sells the Ferticell product line. According to Organic Produce Network, the Agroplasma is a leading supplier of organic fertilizer to the U.S. market.
Berglund said American immigration laws are what led him to the company. “The truth is, I had to invest $1 million in a U.S. business or I couldn’t stay in the United States,” he told the OPN Connect Newsletter in 2018.
According to OPN, Berglund was retired when he founded the company and was golfing every day and dreaming of joining the PGA’s Senior Tour. “I came to the United States on a combination work/tourist visa. In the 1990s, nobody ever checked and I just stayed. 9/11 changed everything,” Berglund told the newsletter.
Berglund said in the early 2000s he and his wife wanted to raise their 2-year-old daughter in the United States and sought help from Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano and Jeb Bush, his friends, to help, but, “They couldn’t help me and told me to get an immigration lawyer.” His lawyer said he should start a business to stay in the U.S. “That’s how it really works. I looked at starting a car wash or a restaurant featuring Swedish meatballs,” Berglund said. But a friend then pointed him to Agroplasma and he started that.
About 10 years later, Berglund became a U.S. citizen.
Berglund was arrested in Scottsdale, Arizona, in 2013 on a charge of driving under the influence and reckless driving. He eventually pleaded guilty to reckless driving and the DI charge was dropped by the Scottsdale city attorney. He was also cited on a defensive driving accusation in 2009.

Hans Berglund Racial Slur

Clarke has dashboard cameras in his SUV and they captured the entire incident. Berglund first told Clarke he was going to cancel the ride and then tried to force him to drive him after getting into the backseat. When Clarke told Berglund to leave his Uber, Berglund erupted and used racist slurs and vulgarities in a rant against the driver, before leaving. Clarke’s filed a complaint with Uber and the company has said it is investigating.
The incident happened on Friday, January 31, 2020, about 9 p.m., Clarke said. Berglund is the CEO of Agroplasma Inc., a Tempe-based fertilizer supplier. Clarke has filed or plans to file complaints with Uber, the Tempe Human Rights Commission, and Arizona’s attorney general.
After being contacted by ABC 15, Berglund apologized for his racist tirade.
“I deeply regret and apologize for the hurtful and derogatory language I used during the altercation with Mr. Clarke,” he said. “I firmly believe that there is no excuse for the use of racial slurs under any circumstance, so I will not offer any. It is my sincere hope that Mr. Clarke hears and accepts my apology and believes me when I say it is honest and heartfelt.”

Hans Berglund Video: CEO Uses N-Word in Rant Against Black Uber Driver

The video of the incident, which can be seen above, shows Uber driver Randy Clarke arriving at Hans Berglund’s gated community to pick him up. About 2:30 into the video, Berglund approaches Clarke’s SUV and tries to get into the front door. Clarke says to Berglund, “Do you mind sitting in the back?” Berglund replies, “No, I don’t like to sit there,” and Clarke tells him he doesn’t like people sitting up front.
Berglund can be heard saying, “I can’t sit there? Then I will order something else.” Clarke tells him, “sounds good,” as Berglund changes his mind and says, “are you f*cking serious with me?” and gets into the back seat of Clarke’s SUV against his wishes after Clarke tells him he will cancel the ride and refund him.
Berglund ignores Clarke and says, “I’m going to ride in the back and file a complaint. I have a right to make my own options.” Clarke tells Berglund, “I’m an independent contractor and I have the right to deny this ride.” Berglund then says, “no,” when told to leave the vehicle. He then says, “Is that because I’m white? And you’re a f*cking n*gger?”
Clarke then tells Berglund he was being recorded on two dashcams as Berglund exits the SUV. According to Clarke, he has signs posted on his SUV and his Uber driver profile about the front seat rule.

Uber Statement

Uber said in a statement, “Discrimination has no place on the Uber app or anywhere. What’s been described is a clear violation of our Community Guidelines and we launched an investigation as soon as we learned of it.” Clarke told ABC15 that Uber said Berglund’s account has been temporarily placed on hold.