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Stalker Climbs Into Apartment While Woman Records TikTok Video: Hannah Viverette Biography, Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Family, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

Hannah Viverette Biography – Hannah Viverette Wiki

Hannah Viverette has opened up about her terrifying stalking experience that she accidentally captured on a TikTok video that recently went viral. Viverette, who is from Hagerstown, Maryland, was in the middle of recording a video when an intruder climbed onto her second-floor balcony and opened the door to her apartment.

He shared the video with TikTok and has been viewed over 13 million times since then. He also posted the video and a series of photos on his Facebook account on November 25, adding additional details about the horrible encounter and post that the incident took place on Sunday, November 22. Video below:


Viverette identified the intruder on Facebook as 36-year-old Angel Moises Rodriguez-Gomez, and said she was arrested a few nights later but released on bail on November 25. Heavy reached out to the Hagerstown Police Department to find out more about the incident, but did not respond immediately.


In his Facebook post, Viverette wrote that he was home alone at 22:20. listening to music and recording yourself while dancing. “With my eyes closed, I heard my second floor balcony door start to open,” he wrote. “I was surprised, I moved towards the door to close it immediately, but I realized there was a man behind the force.”


He said the man trying to get in from his balcony was someone he had seen around his building but had not spoken to before. He said he felt uncomfortable in the past, “A man who has been careful to watch me from afar for months and take many annoying steps to me.”


He said he always assumed he was “just a reptile,” but when he saw him on his balcony, he said, “I knew he was there to hurt me. He kept his hands in the pockets of his hood with a grin on his face.” In the video, Viverette repeatedly asked “Who are you?” Can be heard asking. and “please get out!” He then picks up his phone and runs to the front door, where he turns the camera to his balcony and points to the man at the open balcony door.


The man then steps back and closes the balcony door, and Viverette is allowed into his neighbor’s apartment, which he says is calling 911. After that incident, she wrote that she “learned that my intruder had taken out my Christmas lights tightly wrapped on my balcony. She sent it and cut / ripped the cord about 2 feet.”


Viverette named the man and said he was arrested on November 24th and released on bail on November 25th. He said the man was one of the residents of the apartment opposite his own. According to Viverette, he confessed to his balcony because he thought he was taking his picture while standing at the open door. He said that Rodriguez-Gomez said he was invited to the officers.


Viverette concluded by writing: “This is not the first attempt he made to act on the behavior of the follower. If someone knows ANYTHING about this man, or if he ever feels / uncomfortable / harassed, attacked in ANY way, PLEASE TALK !! I refuse to live and refuse to let him continue to do this to me or EVERYONE. “