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Hannah Goldstein Biography

Hannah Goldstein Biography

Hannah Goldstein was a classical saxophonist who had played with the London Symphony Orchestra and the Philharmonia Orchestra and was a regular performer at the BBC proms at the Royal Albert Hall.

She had also played to critical acclaim at the Royal Festival Hall and Barbican Centre. Mrs Goldstein also taught the saxophone and clarinet at st Paul’s Girls’ School having obtained a first class degree from the Royal Academy of Music.

Hannah and Goldstein had collaborated on their own project, The London Golden Sax Project, which they described as “a unique rediscovery of London’s song heritage from the Oliver-Esque street seller’s cry of ‘Will You Buy’ to the timeless classic of ‘A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square’.”

They said they created “evocative musical soundscapes celebrating the old and the new, blending the ethereal world of choir and organ with the modern world of saxophone and strings.”

According to Mrs Goldstein’s website, she and her husband were collaborating on a solo album project at the time of their deaths.

Hannah Goldstein Age

She was 36 years old

Hannah Goldstein Husband’s Jonathan Goldstein

Jonathan Goldstein was a British composer, producer, and director, he was the founder of Goldstein Music Group who worked on Martin Scorsese’s Cape Fear and won an Ivor Novello Award in 2007 for his score to the BBC/HBO film Primo. He died on August 25, 2019, when a plane he was flying in, with his wife Hannah, crashed and burst into flames in the Swiss Alps while flying from Switzerland to Italy.

Hannah Goldstein and Jonathan Goldstein Plane Crash

On Sunday, August 25, 2019, while flying to Italy from Switzerland the plane he was in together with his wife Christina and baby was involved in a crash in Simplon Pass and burst into flames. According to the Mirror, a hiker who was walking in the Simplon Pass area with his family on Sunday said he saw the horrifying crash unfold after he spotted two burning objects fall and then heard two huge bangs.

Christian Merz, 63, from Dorneck, Switzerland told Blick he saw two people rush towards the aircraft in a desperate bid to help, but they were unable to get near to it due to the flames.

Le Matin reported that the couple had set off in their Piper PA-28 Arrow aircraft from London on Saturday morning and landed in Troyes, France before making a second stop in Lausanne, Switzerland where they are believed to have stayed overnight.

The local police alleged that the family then set off from the Vaudois airfield in western Switzerland for Perugia, Umbria, at around 9 am the following day but tragically crashed just over an hour into the flight.

A Police Valais – the regional police for the area – spokesperson said: “The small plane type “Piper” took off around 9 am from a Vaudois airfield for Italy… (but at)around 10.25am the plane crashed before igniting in the area of ​​the Simplon Pass.”

Hannah Goldstein Death

Hannah Goldstein died on the crash together with his Husband and baby.  Their death was confirmed by police who said that three people, including a baby, had died in a plane crash, which happened at around 10.25am.

The couple’s neighbor Ankita, 30, told the Mirror Online that she was told the sad news by Hannah’s father late last night.

“We were friendly with each other. We’ve only lived here for about three months. They have a pet rabbit and we both have little ones. I started speaking to Hannah quite often about six weeks ago. She asked if I could look after Rufus because they said they were going on vacation. We were out yesterday and when we returned, I noticed the hutch was missing.

I tried ringing Hannah and Jonathan but their phones weren’t connecting. Hannah had given me her parents numbers for an emergency so I called her dad last night. I said I was sorry to ring so late as it was about 9.15pm but I couldn’t find Rufus. He said there was a tragic accident and three of them died.

After that, I don’t remember what happened as I started crying. Hannah had said they were going to Italy and the weather might be bad. I started crying when I was speaking to him. I still can’t believe it, I couldn’t sleep last night.”

Fast Facts You Need to Know

  • Jonathan and Hannah Goldstein were flying with their child near the Italian border
  • The avid aviators were in a Piper plane when it crashed in the Alps on Sunday
  • Mr. Goldstein was an award-winning composer who founded his own company
  • Mrs. Goldstein had been a saxophonist with the BBC Concert Orchestra