Jeffrey Epstein’s Recruiter: Haley Robson Bio, Wiki, Age, Married, Net Worth, Twitter, Instagram

Haley Robson Bio

Haley Robson is an American native Bartender and Former Stripper from Florida, USA. She is the sex slave recruiter for Jeffrey Epstein (Sex Offender & Financer). Though, Epstein passed away when he committed suicide on August 10, 2019.

Haley Robson Age

Robson is 33-years-old from Florida.

Haley Robson Occupation

Robson’s jobs as an adult have been; working as a stripper and at the Olve Garden. Currently, she works as a bartender.

Haley Robson Daughter

Robson has a daughter elsewhere nothing has been mentioned about the child’s father.

Jeffrey Epstein Death

He was in the Manhattan prison before his sudden demise. He emerged as a millionaire in the USA. Moreover, he started as a teacher then moved to the financial sector.

The six friends of Mr. Epstein also met the police in the case. Their names are Sarah Kellen, Haley, Adriana Ross, Nadia Marcinkova and Lesley Groff.

Haley Robson Early Life

Biography: Haley Robson was born in 1986 (age 33 years old, as in 2019) in Florida (United States). Her mother and father raised her.

Haley Robson Education

She did her school education at the Royal Palm Beach High School. Then, she involved in some odd jobs after high school.

Haley Robson Personal Affairs, Husband, Daughter & Marriage

Jeffrey Epstein’s Partner, Haley did not disclose her romantic associations with her boyfriend. Furthermore, she has a daughter but her name not known. In addition to this, the name of her baby’s dad is not available.

Haley Robson Met Epstein

Robson was just a 17-year-old student at Royal Palm Beach High School when she first met the multimillionaire financier at his home in Palm Beach, Florida. She was approached by a classmate named Molly, who asked her if she’d like to earn some money by giving a massage to a billionaire.

Haley Robson Stops Working For Epstein

Once her parents discovered that she was visiting Epstein, they disapproved of the encounters with him and she stopped working for Epstein.

Haley Robson Compares Herself to ‘Hollywood Madam’ Heidi Fleiss

When Epstein was arrested on soliciting underage prostitutes in 2007, officials wanted to charge Robson — who once described herself as “like Heidi Fleiss,” the notorious Hollywood madam — for her alleged roles in procuring the girls, but a grand jury did not indict her.

Haley Robson Allegations

In 2008, Robson was named as a defendant, along with Epstein and Sarah Kellen, in a case filed in the Southern District of Florida. According to the document, Robson was accused of seeking out “economically disadvantaged underage girls from Loxahatchee and surrounding areas.”

Haley Robson Investigations

As of 29 August 2019, Robson is being investigated by federal prosecutors as part of their probe into his associates and employees.

Haley Robson Charges

She could face federal charges for the role she played in helping to recruit young girls for Jeffrey Epstein more than a decade ago.

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