Mark Meadows’ Daughter: Haley Kocher Biography, Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Family, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook
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Mark Meadows’ Daughter: Haley Kocher Biography, Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Family, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

Haley Kocher Biography

Haley Kocher Biography – Haley Kocher Wiki

Haley Kocher is the daughter of White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows. Kocher married her husband, Ian, in Atlanta, Georgia, in May 2020.

In addition to his daughter, Meadows has a son, Blake, with his wife, Debbie.


On June 4, Kocher posted a photo that showed her in a wedding dress with her husband. The caption on the photo read: “The beginning of eternity.” Kocher confirms that she married Ian Kocher on May 31 in the bio section of her profile.


The most recent publicly visible post on Kocher’s Facebook page is a fundraiser that the daughter of the chief of staff was applying to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. On her page, Kocher says she moved to Atlanta, Georgia, in 2015.


The Atlanta Journal Constitution reported Oct. 8 that Kocher married her husband in a “lavish wedding” in the city that violated city guidelines on reunions. At that time, gatherings of more than 10 people were prohibited. The Journal Constitution reports that the wedding was attended by “approximately 70 guests,” including Ohio Republican Congressman Jim Jordan.


The wedding took place at the Biltmore Ballroom in the downtown Atlanta area. Heavy has approached the venue for comment. The Journal Constitution reports that Meadows walked her daughter down the aisle “through a path of soft white flower petals.” The report says there were 11 bridesmaids and eight groomsmen present at the wedding.


On the couple’s The Knot page, Kocher says she met her husband in December 2017. Kocher says the couple met on the Hinge dating app. Shortly after meeting, Kocher said her husband joined her family for a church service and a Christmas Eve dinner. Kocher writes, “He even managed to get them to leave him alone with them for a while at dinner.”


Kocher said the couple began pre-engagement counseling in January 2019. In May of that year, Kocher said her husband spent two days alone with Meadows in Washington DC Kocher writes, “His 2 days alone with my dad and the The giddy smile on Ian’s face gave me a hint that things were moving forward. ” Kocher says her husband proposed to her in July 2020 while on a fishing trip in North Carolina. The couple spent their honeymoon on the Caribbean island of Saint Lucia.


In her Facebook bio section, Ian Kocher writes: “Your friendly ambassador to the world of firearms.” Ian Kocher maintains a blog where he discusses weapons. He also has an account on the game streaming platform, Twitch.


On his Twitter profile, Ian Kocher writes: “May your weapon be with you always.” He describes himself as a “West Virginia living in Georgia.” He identifies himself as a supporter of the Libertarian Party. According to his LinkedIn page, Ian Kocher works as a technician for the telecommunications company Intelset General Corporation.



Meadows paid tribute to his children on Twitter twice, on Father’s Day in 2019 and 2018. Meadows tweeted in 2019: “For me personally, there has been no greater joy than being the father of my two children Blake and Haley, and a grandfather from my granddaughter Autumn. They are a gift from the Lord. ”


A year earlier, Meadows called his children his “greatest blessing.”


According to Kocher’s LinkedIn page, she works as a benefits consultant in Atlanta with insurance giant AON. Kocher has been in the position since June 2015. In addition to her role in insurance, Kocher says she works as a wedding planner at a company called Today and Forever Events in Atlanta. Kocher worked as an intern for his father when he was a congressman. The Smokey Mountain News reported in October 2012 that Kocher took a break from college to go “door-to-door” campaigning for her father’s Congressional campaign.


Kocher graduated from Lee University, a private Christian university in Cleveland, Tennessee, in 2015 with a bachelor’s degree in business administration and management. The Smokey Mountain News reported in 2012 that Blake Meadows was a student at Patrick Henry College, a private Christian college in Virginia.


In October 2019, The New Yorker reported that Meadows and his wife took their home-schooled children on a creationist dinosaur fossil dig in Utah and Colorado known as Dragon’s Den Dig. The other trip goers were other home schooled children. According to organizers at Dragon’s Den Dig, Kocher discovered the claws of a “100-foot sauropod, currently believed to be of the rare Ultrasaurus variety.” At that time, Kocher was 9 years old.


The discovery was made into a film titled Raising the Allosaur: The True Story of a Rare Dinosaur and the Home Schoolers Who Found It. The New Yorker quotes Meadows’ in the documentary saying: “We were working towards the end of the day here, trying to put out one last piece of rock before, you know, before we were done. All of a sudden, we saw some bone, we thought, and we found a claw. “Her colleague paleon