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Guy Caligiuri ( Trump Tweets Support for Long Island Patio Pizza Owner) Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Net Worth, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

Guy Caligiuri Biography, Guy Caligiuri Wiki

Guy Caligiuri, a restaurant owner in Long Island, New York, went viral online after President Trump endorsed his pizza shop on Twitter on July 30.

Shortly after Herman Cain’s team announced the death of the former presidential candidate and Godfather’s Pizza CEO, Trump tweeted another pizza business instead of releasing a tribute to Cain, who was diagnosed with COVID-19 after joining a Trump rally in Tulsa. Oklahoma.

“Support Patio Pizza and its wonderful owner Guy Caligiuri,” wrote in the president’s tweet. Before Trump screamed at Caligiuri, the pizza shop owner appeared in Fox News and talked about being targeted after a Trump flag was blown behind his restaurant.

On July 30, Fox News’s Varney & Co. In an interview with Patio Pizza owner Caligiuri, he said that he and his business were targeted because they were flying the flag of “Keep America Big” behind his restaurant.

On July 24, a customer went to take orders and noticed that Caligiuri was flying a Trump flag behind the store. Caligiuri told host Stuart Varney: “He attacked this. “And he said he was the manager of a Facebook page and would post it online and lay me off.”

Caligiuri said he saw “a lot” in his 43 years in business and would ignore such events that Varney often describes as “canceling culture.”

“But this woman did not know me, did not know my family, did not know my grandchildren … She took it because she saw a flag at the back to try to fire me,” she said. In an interview.

The next day, Caligiuri said he started receiving calls and text messages about this customer, which posted “bad things” about him and “ask the community to boycott Patio Pizza”. However, Business Insider said the customer’s post stated that it would not only go to this restaurant.

According to the Business Insider, screenshots of the client’s post spread quickly across local Facebook groups in Long Island, and Caligiuri said customers from “all over Long Island” appeared at Patio Pizza to support it.

“It was like a spontaneous Trump rally in front of my store,” he told Business Insider.

After news about the incident circulated, Caligiuri told Fox News that he received support from his local community. People have stopped by and dined in Patio Pizza in the past few days, and some of them shared their support on Facebook.

A woman named Darleen Ragazzi-Cammarata wrote on Facebook that she was “in support of the Patio Pizza and President Trump.” A car with a Trump flag drove by the restaurant on the evening of July 29, receiving a round of applause from diners.

Dee Marie shared a message that she said was from Caligiuri on the Facebook page of Setauket Patriots, and the message received an outpouring of supportive comments, including Jeff Vitkun’s:

I grew up in Saint James. Born 1964. When Patio Pizza came to town, this was my favorite place in all of town to go. Always so friendly, awesome food and I loved their customer picture wall! I now live on the south shore of Suffolk. I miss this place but anytime I’m in the area, I have to stop in just to get a slice or two. This place is nothing but respect and love for it’s community. Tell the Smithtown Mom’s that with all their drama, we will add another big time drama show to TV staring all of them! Patio Pizza, you and your staff rocks! I will be in soon to show my support to you also! Love you guys!!!!

The administrator of the Setauket Patriots page also wrote that there had been a “great turnout of Patriots for our Pizza party to support Patio Pizza.”

Caligiuri told the Business Insider that there had been “an 87% to 100% spike” in his business since the controversy began. However, there’s also backlash on Twitter, and Trump’s endorsement even trigged negative reviews written on July 30 on the restaurant’s Yelp page.