60 Years Prison After Molesting his Daughter: Gregory Kyle Seerden Bio, Wiki, Age, Wife, Daughter, Net Worth, Twitter, Instagram, Fast Facts You Need to Know

Gregory Kyle Seerden Bio

Gregory Kyle Seerden Bio

Gregory Kyle Seerden was a former Navy SEAL has been sentenced to 60 years in state prison after confessing to molesting his own daughter from when she was just five years old.

Gregory Kyle Seerden Age

he is 33 yeras old.

Gregory Kyle Seerden Charges

Gregory Kyle Seerden, 33, stood expressionless in a San Diego, California court on Tuesday as the victim’s mother delivered an impact statement on behalf of the girl, who is now 12 years old. The case did not go to trial as Seerden pleaded guilty.

Seerden was also charged in San Diego with sexually abusing another family member in 2014, when she was seven years old.

Gregory Kyle Seerden Ex-Wife Statement

‘I’ve seen a man that was sworn to uphold a better standard of values getting away with the most heinous acts of crime that I can think of,’ his ex-wife Alicia Reppert said at the sentencing.

Gregory Kyle Seerden Sexual Assault His Daughter

Seerden was stationed in San Diego but was staying with family in Virginia for the holidays January 2017 when he was accused by a woman he knew of sexually assaulting her after a night out drinking and socializing at the Little Creek naval base on Virginia Beach.

Police Investigation Reports

Investigators found images on his cellphone that includes a naked child and an aroused dog.

Among the dozens of incriminating videos and photographs on his cellphone, one included a grown man masturbating next to a sleeping girl as he molested her.

While the man’s face could not be seen in the video, he was wearing a light blue shirt, according to court documents.

Photos with time stamps from the same day show Seerden in a light blue shirt reading a book to the victim and three other children.

Those videos were taken the night before the alleged assault, he later admitted, while he was sleeping in the same room as his victim.

It’s unclear if the rape investigation resulted in criminal charges.

Fast Facts You Need to Know

  • Gregory Kyle Seerden, 33, stood expressionless in a San Diego court on Tuesday as he was sentenced to 60 years in state prison
  • He had confessed to nine felony counts of lewd acts on a child
  • Seerden sexually abused his daughter from when she was aged five to seven
  • The victim, now 12, testified in May about her father’s crimes against her  
  • Since 2018, he has been serving a 27-year federal sentence for producing and possessing child pornography and must do consecutive sentences
  • Former Petty Officer 1st Class was found out when cops searched his phone after a woman he knew accused him of raping her in Virginia in January 2017