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Greg Bloch (Wisconsin Man Beaten for Flying Trump 2020 Flag) Biography – Greg Bloch Wiki

Greg Bloch, a Wisconsin man who works as a manufacturing operations manager, says he was beaten by a group of men who were upset about the Trump 2020 sign that he flew at a local campground. His daughter was also struck in the face, he says.
Speaking of the incident in a phone call, Bloch reported the August 1 incident to the Waushara County Sheriff’s Department, saying that he was investigating and trying to identify suspects. The Waushara County Sheriff’s Department confirmed to Heavy that a report on an incident at the camp site was prepared, but it did not release any further details.
Adding that young children witnessed the attack and were crying, Bloch said, “I was disappointed that they got the idea that people could attack you because a flag flies. “I think it’s disappointed in a family camp that you think is safe.”
Bloch, 48, from Lomira, Wisconsin, told Heavy that he was camping with his wife, adult daughters, and extended family when a group of men attacked him because of the Trump flag and beat his head. He believes that his nose was broken in the attack. He posted the incident on Facebook, shared photos of his bruised face and wrote, “3 people jumped over this weekend to fly my Trump 2020 flag to a campsite in central Wisconsin. While trying to get rid of me, his wife and two daughters showed up. The section of the sheriff is currently searching for the people concerned. I wanted to share it to let people know that this could happen to anyone. Be careful there! ”
According to Bloch, that day had just received the flag because the flags were previously in the back row. He said the incident occurred at the Oasis Campground in Hancock, Wisconsin. Heavy left a message for management in that camp. If a comment is received, it is added to this story.
“I’ve never had a fight in my life,” said Bloch, who previously worked as a volunteer firefighter. He said that the attack “continued me at night”.

Bloch Says a Group of People Expressed Outrage Over His Trump Flag

According to Bloch, his family said, “Three people came while walking from our campground. It was sunset and they came from a lake and were drinking and looked pretty drunk. “The mother believes that she is her son and an old man in her 20s. He says he doesn’t know their identity.
Bloch said the group first apologized for throwing pizza boxes and beer cans while walking behind their campers. “Then they saw my flag on my tent,” Heavy said. Then, according to the young man Bloch, “I am from Mexico. What’s on the Trump flag? ”
Bloch says he replied: “Trump loves everyone. Good night. “The man walked away and said,” No, not like that. ” “This flag will descend later,” said Bloch.
Approximately 20 minutes later, he saw that he heard a sound on the back of his campus, and that the flag fell and that the mother in the previous group owned it. That is when he says he was attacked.

Bloch Says Three Men Punched Him Repeatedly in the Head

According to Bloch, the group now consisted of the mother, the original man in his 20s, and two other people in his 20s. “The original man rushed me,” said Heavy. “We went down. The other two started to put the straw men on my head with the original man. They punched me in my head and ears. ”
He believes that he has put bruises on his head and his nose is broken. Bloch believes that he will be more seriously injured, but a parade was held recently, and people from his extended family and parade ran to his aid and quickly ended the attack.
Bloch said his youngest 20-year-old daughter pulled one of the men from him and “hit her face.” She has a bruise on her face. ”Bloch says one of his daughters sent this picture of his shirt with blood:
He called it “close combat,” and said that his 24-year-old grandfather took the flag of Trump back. He said that one of his wife’s cousins ​​also hit her face. People then got into their cars and took off, and they launched an investigation to identify them, stating that they were looking for the Sheriff’s Department.
Bloch believes his nose is broken because he “bleeds for a few hours”. Tender today (August 6) and Saturday, August 1. Bloch is particularly upset because several small children in his extended family witnessed the attack and cried.