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Lee Market Place plaza Suspect Shooter Arrested: Gordon Falt Wiki, Biography, Age, Net Worth, Family, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

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Gordon Falt is identified as a suspect who was taken into custody following a large police response to a report of gunfire at the Lee Market Place plaza Saturday.

Lee police Lt. Donald Laliberte said no one was injured in the incident at the shopping plaza, which was busy with customers who were locked down in the Market Basket grocery store and other shops. He said between one and 13 shots were fired, all in the air.

Police identified the man taken into custody as Gordon Falt, 27, of Maine, but his home town was not known as of early Saturday night. Falk is believed to be from the Bar Harbor area.

Laliberte said Falt was transported to Wentworth-Douglass Hospital for evaluation. He did not specify what charges Falt could face or if had been charged Saturday.

Laliberte said no injuries were reported.

Police were called for a report of shots fired at 11:40 a.m., Laliberte said. They encountered a man with a hand gun who refused to comply with commands from police. Law enforcement officers set up a perimeter, locking down all the stores in the plaza and setting up a command center in the ConvenientMD parking lot across the street from the plaza.

University of New Hampshire student Cole Jenkins of Dedham, Massachusetts, said he had just dropped some friends off at Market Basket and saw the police arrive so he went back and was in the Market Place plaza.

“From what I could see there was guy with a gun,” said Jenkins, who is studying homeland security at UNH. “It was pointed at himself sometimes and other times in the air. He just kept walking around his truck muttering and shooting his gun up in the air.”

During the lockdown, Strafford resident Al Leavitt was sitting in his car about 1:15 p.m. across the street waiting for his wife, Desiree, who was shopping in Market Basket.

“I’ve been siting here since before noon,” he said. “They locked her in about 12:15. I’ve been talking to her by phone. They’ve asked them all to move away from the windows. A short time later they moved them to the back of the store.”

As Leavitt spoke, more gunshots were heard. “Hopefully, the police are the ones doing the shooting,” he said. He then offered to put a reporter on the phone with his wife.

“The Market Basket people are doing a great job keeping people as informed as they can,” she said. “They’re passing out food to us right now.” She said she was ready to crawl under a store display if needed.

Nancy Cooke said she was in the Postal Center USA store hunkered down behind a display case.

Her husband, Robert, said he was in Market Basket shopping when management announced on the PA system there was an active shooting incident and they were going into lockdown.

“Some people were scared, but I feel pretty safe in the back of the store,” he said.

Julie Martin of Barrington was in a parking lot across the street from the plaza as the incident unfolded. She said her son, Michael, 16, was in Market Basket working as a bagger.

“He’s been texting me,” she said. “He knows I’m freaking out out here.”

Martin said a N.H. Fish and Game officer reported to those in the parking lot that the suspect was in custody and the matter was resolved.

“I hope they’ll let me take him home now,” Martin said about her son. “I just need to hug him. This could have gone so much worse. I was so afraid.”

Lt. Laliberte called the response a textbook one, adding he was really happy with how the incident was handled.

He said Lee police were assisted by the police departments of Barrington, Nottingham, Durham and Strafford, as well as the Strafford County’s Sheriff Department, N.H. Fish and Game, Strafford Tactical Unit and the Seacoast Emergency Response Team.