Who is Gloria Pépin Wiki, Biography, Age, Net Worth, Instagram, Hidden Facts You Need to Know
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Who is Gloria Pépin Wiki, Biography, Age, Net Worth, Instagram, Hidden Facts You Need to Know

Gloria Pépin Wiki – Gloria Pépin Biography

Gloria, the wife of the famous French chef Jacques Pépin, passed away at the age of 83.


The couple had been married for 54 years and had a daughter named Claudine.


He passed peacefully on his own bed in Madison, CT, with Jacques, his daughter Claudine, his son-in-law Rollie, grandson Shorey, close friends Tom Hopkins and Reza Yavari, and his beloved baby Gaston. He made a statement posted on the chef’s Facebook page.


We overcame grief, but Gloria was a fighter: a strong, resilient, ‘no tear’ woman. It would undoubtedly invite us to continue living our lives and doing what we need to do. ” Said. Gloria wished that instead of flowers, gifts of condolence to food insecurity or the animal welfare charity of your choice. ‘


In his last social media post before Gloria’s death, 84-year-old Pépin shared a video in which he said he made ‘one of Gloria’s favorites’.


In the long social media statement, reports of Jacques and Gloria’s endless love story were told.


The story of Gloria and Jacques’ meeting is rather infamous. He was a ski instructor at Hunter Mountain in New York. Although Gloria is an excellent skier on the ski patrol, she signed up for ski lessons to spend time with the handsome Frenchman. ‘He was so cute, I probably thought he was gay,’ he recalled in the statement.


The couple married their daughter Claudine in 1966, who was born the following year.


All this time, they deliberately affirmed their marriage and love by sitting at the table at dinner every evening and sipping their meal and a glass of wine. When Sinatra or Aznavour sang, sometimes they would spontaneously dance after dinner (as long as Jeopardy was over).


Gloria will be remembered as a ‘majestic, dignified and classically elegant’.


The couple opened La Potagerie, a small soup restaurant on 5th Avenue between 45th and 46th streets in New York in 1970.


The statement read, “Gloria was his partner, strength, and rock.”


The couple nearly faced tragedy after Jacques ‘debilitating car accident’ in 1974.


“Gloria showed her immense strength and endurance when she restored Jacques to health with limited resources,” he continued.


“Despite living on a tight budget for years, Gloria has always admired the beautiful and fine things in life,” the statement said. He loved caviar, champagne, and foie gras (he preferred his cold sweat to sauté). Yet as Jacques gained fame, he was never pretentious and typically added ice to his wine.


He worshiped the sun and heat. For years they wintered at Playa del Carmen in Mexico and later on Amelia Island in Florida. “ At least once a year they would sail with Oceania Cruises to a warm and delicious place. ” We now know that Gloria has found a place full of sun, warmth and love in many hearts. ‘


Currently there are no funeral plans due to coronavirus concerns, but a meeting will be held next June to celebrate his birthday with all his friends, according to his wish.