33 Feared Dead Boat Catch Fire: Glen Fritzler Bio, Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Truth Aquatics, Fast Facts You Need to Know

Glen Fritzler Bio

Fritzler, the owner of Truth Aquatics live-aboard fleet, started diving with his dad at the age of 12 and spent practically every weekend diving the coves in Laguna Beach. Occasionally the father and son buddy team would jump on a charter dive boat from San Pedro bound for the Channel Islands. One day they joined skipper Roy Hauser on his 57-foot boat Truth to dive the backside of Catalina, and that’s when Glen says his life and his calling were sealed.

Glen Fritzler California Scuba Service Award

Glen Fritzler was presented the California Scuba Service Award during the Saturday evening Scuba Show celebration held in Long Beach on May 4, 2019.

Glen Fritzler Truth Aquatics

Truth Aquatics was founded in 1974 by dive boat captain pioneer Roy Hauser. Roy began his dive career in 1956 and was one of the first captains to introduce liveaboard diving to California. His innovative ideas are seen throughout each dive boat and his philosophies are still in place. Each vessel was designed and built by Roy and current owner Glen Fritzler.

In 1973 Roy designed and built the vessel, Truth, with boatbuilder Mac McCauley in Venice California. 10 months later it was launched as California’s first state-of-the-art liveaboard dive boat. At the time the Truth was considered the nicest, best laid out dive boat on the entire California Coast and had such innovations as a waterproof galley, circulating mask rinsers at each exit, and an easy to board swim step.

In 1981 the Conception was launched and this dive boat brought a new meaning to the word “liveaboard”. A larger vessel with new innovations such as circulating game wells, below deck shower room, air-conditioned bunk room, large sundeck, and a built-in bar-b-que were just a few ideas that set this liveaboard boat in its own class.

33 Feared Dead Boat Catch Fire

More than 30 peoples are in 3 days trip in a 75-foot dive boat to the Channel Islands off the California coast. The boat caught fire and sank. Authorities say there are dozens of fatalities. According to the Coast Guard, it was dispatched at around 3:30 a.m. Pacific time to a boat in distress.

The vessel was fully engulfed in flames when crews arrived, it was reported. Police and marine enforcement officials are reporting that the vessel, “Conception” is based in Santa Barbara. The boat is owned by Glen Fritzler of Truth Aquatics Inc.

The Ventura County Fire Department said it “responded to boat fire off the north side of Santa Cruz Island …” and it’s reported that at least five people were rescued, possibly crew members.

U.S. Coast Guard said they launched multiple rescue assets in conjunction with local agencies to assist more than 30 people in distress on a boat near Santa Cruz Island around 4 a.m.

The boat, dubbed “Conception,” is based out of Santa Barbara Harbor, according to harbor patrol officer Nathan Alldredge.

According to the website Truth Aquatics, which conducts boat charters, Conception left Saturday on a three-day cruise and was scheduled to return today.

The vessel was reported to be named “Conception”. This is a 75 foot diving vessel owned by Truth Aquatics out of Santa Barbara. According to their website, the vessel was on a 3 day dive to the Northern Channel Islands.

Fast Facts You Need to Know

  • The vessel caught fire near Santa Cruz Island off the coast of Southern California at around 3.30am Monday  
  • Five crew members were rescued and 34 people who were sleeping below deck are currently missing  
  • Recovery efforts were still underway as of 8am amid reports that the boat had ‘burned down to the water line’
  • The Coast Guard said rescuers were unable to go onboard because the boat continued to reignite 
  • The dive boat, called Conception, is operated by Truth Aquatics and based at Santa Barbara Harbor