Who is Germaine Lindsay? (Samantha Lewthwaite’s First Husband) Wiki, Bio, Age, Husband, Instagram

Germaine Lindsay (Samantha Lewthwaite’s First Husband) Wiki, Germaine Lindsay Bio

Lindsay is the first husband to Samantha a British terror suspect and fugitive featured on Netflix’s World’s Most Wanted docu-series.She is believed to be a member of al-Shabaab and is considered one of the West’s most wanted terrorism suspects. Interpol issued a red notice arrest warrant for Lewthwaite in 2013.

Germaine Lindsay Age

Lindsay would have been 35-years-old this year.

Germaine Lindsay Background

Samantha Lewthwaite is a British terror suspect and fugitive featured on Netflix’s World’s Most Wanted docu-series. One of the episodes focuses on Lewthwaite, who is also known as Sherafiyah Lewthwaite or the White Widow. The Telegraph reported that Somali security chiefs said she is responsible for over 400 deaths as of May 2015. She is believed to be a member of al-Shabaab and is considered one of the West’s most wanted terrorism suspects. Interpol issued a red notice arrest warrant for Lewthwaite in 2013.
It is believed that his parents became radicalized as a young girl after divorce. At the age of 15, he returned to Islam and met his future husband Germaine Lindsay in the internet chat room. The two married soon after in October 2002. However, the marriage stopped abruptly when Lindsay killed 26 civilians on July 7, 2005 when she exploded in the famous 7/7 suicide attacks in London.
Lewthwaite (her first child was 14 months old), who was eight months pregnant at the time, openly condemned the attack: “I totally condemn the brutality and I am terrified. I never guessed or imagined that he had such terrible activities. He was a loving husband and father. However, he disappeared from Britain after the attack, and intelligence services increasingly linked Lewthwaite to terrorist plans and attacks in East Africa.

Lindsay Was Born in Jamaica & Raised in England By a Single Mother, Who Converted to Islam When He Was a Teenager

Germaine Maurice Lindsay was born in Jamaica on September 23, 1985, but from the age of one, he was raised in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, in England. The Guardian reported that he was the son of a single mother, who had by all appearances a normal childhood. He attended Rawthorpe secondary school and participated in the school’s athletics.
After the attacks, one of his schoolmates said she was shocked: “He was really nice. He was one of those people you never expected to get into trouble. He was just so good. What possessed his soul?” Another classmate described him as “dead brainy,” in the top group of all his exams. However, the BBC also reported that some school friends said after the bombings that Lindsay had expressed racial hatred toward Jews and began distributing al-Qaeda pamphlets at school.
Acquaintances told the Guardian they thought the turning point may have been when his mother, Mariam, converted to Islam and told her son he should consider it too. At the age of 15 or 16, Lindsay changed his name to Abdullah Shaheed Jamal and began wearing traditional Islamic clothing. He had a younger sister, Lauren, who also began wearing a headscarf around that time.
Soon after this, his mother remarried and moved to the U.S., at which point he left school and began working odd jobs, the BBC reported.

 Lindsay Met Lewthwaite Online & They Were Married Soon After, in October 2002

Lewthwaite met Lindsay for the first time in an Islamic internet chat room, and then met for the first time in London at the “Stop the War” march. The Guardian soon began living together in Huddersfield, where Lindsay worked as a carpet fitter and sometimes sold cell phone covers in a market. In October 2002, the couple tied the knot, but Lewthwaite’s parents did not attend the wedding because they did not approve of their religious transformation.
In September 2003, they moved to Aylesbury, a town in the middle of England where Lewthwaite spent most of its childhood. At Aylesbury, Lindsay also worked as a carpet fitter, but was eventually fired from her job.
Their first child, a child named Abdullah, was born in April 2004. In late 2004, the BBC reported that Lindsay attacked Lewthwaite. Shortly before the bombings, the point of departure was that he was trying to establish a relationship with another woman and even asked if he could get a weapon.
According to the Daily Mail, he said he threw him away just because he believed he had a relationship with his friends just days before the attack. At the time of her husband’s death, Lewthwaite became pregnant with her second children, a daughter.

Lindsay’s Terrorist Attack

On July 7, 2005, the 19-year-old Lindsay killed himself and 26 passengers on the Picadilly line of the Tube near King’s Cross station. Lindsay was just one of four suicide bombers who targeted the London Underground in a series of coordinated attacks that killed 52 people.
After the attack, Lewthwaite said his actions were “abhorrent” and she believed that his many trips to some more extreme mosques radicalized him. “How these people could have turned him and poisoned his mind is dreadful,” she said. “He was an innocent, naive and simple man. I suppose he must have been an ideal candidate.” Lewthwaite was criticized at the time for selling the exclusive interview for £30,000, the Daily Mail reported.
After the 7/7 attacks, her home was raided by police and soon after it was set ablaze in an arson attack. Lewthwaite was placed in a “safe house” in protective custody, but she disappeared from England soon after this.

He Was Believed to Be the Coordinator of the 7/7 Terror Attacks in London

Intelligence sources believe that Lindsay is the one who coordinated the bombers for the 7/7 attacks. According to the Guardian, the other three bombers traveled to Luton to meet Lindsay before going to London, and Lindsay was considered the most senior member of the group. He is thought to have had the necessary connections for the terrorist operation.
One of Lewthwaite’s classmates said he wasn’t too surprised that Lindsay turned out to be a terrorist, telling the Telegraph: “When [Lindsay] first came to the town, I used to do a lot of training with him – he used to do a lot of boxing. He wasn’t right in the head. He always had a violent streak to him. But [Lewthwaite] was all right. She was just a normal girl, I never really thought there was anything unusual about her. I can’t believe she could be involved in this.”