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Nu al kritiek op de Geldmaat nederland: ’een grap’ en ’legolisering’

Geldmaat Nederland

Geldmaat Nederland: AMSTERDAM – The new payment terminal from ABN AMRO, Rabo bank and ING – all yellow, with a smiley – loosens the tongues. The designers of the Money Size are ridiculed on Twitter. Geldservice Nederland defends itself: “Childish? We are proud of it. ”

The new icon of the Geldmaat is photoshopped on social media in Teletubbies, criticized because it is ‘not international’ enough and referred to as ‘legalization’.

“Which agency has graduated?”, A communications advisor asks. A creative director who worked for Coca-Cola, KLM and Nike call it ‘a joke’.

At the start of 2019, Geldservice Nederland, a collaboration between the three banks, will start replacing the network ATMs. Since the news became available this morning, banks are being bombarded with questions.

What is the idea behind the network? “The use of cash is decreasing, but the need remains,” explains Geert Eikelboom from Geldservice Nederland.


Ordinary cutbacks? No, says Eikelboom: in large cities, there are sometimes ‘five machines in a radius of one hundred meters’ and that is unnecessary. The unnecessary vending machines will disappear.

“This is not meant to be able to close more cash machines in rural areas”, says Eikelboom. “Just the other way around: you can now see vending machines in rural areas, but if you remove the unnecessary in big cities, you can put them back in the countryside.”

Criticism of logo

Eikelboom does not recognize the criticism of the logo and the name of the Geldmaat. “We are proud of it. Childish? It is simple, recognizable, friendly, helpful “, he says about the smiley. “And yellow attracts attention, according to research.”

That the name Geldmaat is not international enough, he refuses. “It is a Dutch product intended for Dutch consumers. In areas where we expect a lot of tourists, the word ‘cash’ is added. “

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