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Knife-wielding teen threatening suicide points airsoft gun at cop: Gavin Johansen Biography, Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Family, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

Gavin Johansen Wikipedia

Gavin Johansen Wikipedia – Gavin Johansen Bio

Utah authorities released body camera and surveillance footage Monday showing an 18-year-old man Gavin Johansen armed with a large knife and pointing what appeared to be a handgun at police moments before he was shot and injured by an officer last week.

The gun was later determined to be an airsoft gun. The Ogden Police Department responded shortly after 7pm. He went to the man’s family home on October 27 after a social worker working in the state of Utah told the 911 officer that he had threatened to commit suicide.


At a press conference after the incident, Ogden Police Chief Randy Watt said that 18-year-old Gavin Johansen was shot in the abdomen and started to help just before the ambulance came and transported him to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. According to The Salt Lake Tribune. He was later accused of heavy assault on a peacekeeper, possession of a firearm by a restricted person, and heavy assault.


According to a record of the first 911 call published on Monday, the caseworker sent officers a message to the mother of Johansen’s girlfriend, saying goodbye to the teenager and planning to go to the family’s house at 800 blocks of Fifth Street to buy a shotgun. use it to kill yourself. The officers came home and created a circle because the search was violent.


According to the Weber County Procuratorate’s office, officers were contacting those sitting at the front door, while Johansen exited the residence through the rear basement door that looked like a knife and a gun. He then presented the gun to an officer who positioned himself at the rear of the residence.


Body camera footage posted by the lawyer’s office showed Johansen standing on the stairs in the basement while dogs barked. The female officer wearing the body camera said, “Hey, hey!” Yell.


He then fired on Johansen at least five times before he radioed the shooting at police officers.


The officers yelled at Johansen to make his hands visible before he pulled his arms out of the stairwell to bring him to a flat surface. Johansen can be heard crying and ask if he will die.


Another video taken from the surveillance camera in the house showed a different angle of the event. The lawyer’s office circled in the images where Johansen was seen holding a knife and a gun.


Police later determined that the weapon was an airsoft gun and published photos of both the gun and the blade found at the scene. Watt said the division did not detect the firing officer, but was on leave as in standard protocol.


An investigation into the incident is ongoing and a final report containing all evidence will be prepared and submitted to the Weber County Attorney’s Office for final review. According to the caseworker heard in the 911 call, Johansen was not living in the family home and was under the custody of the state juvenile justice services.