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Florida Bar Owner Bans Masks: Gary Kirby Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Net Worth, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

Gary Kirby

Florida Bar Owner Bans Masks: Gary Kirby Biography, Wiki

Gary Kirby is a Florida bar owner who is garnering viral attention after banning face masks from his establishment as the coronavirus pandemic continues to unfold.

The Melbourne resident, owner of West Melbourne-based Westside Sports Bar and Lounge, began banning customers from wearing face covers on September 11, Florida Today reported.


Kirby said he “does not support” the idea behind the masks and that all his customers are required to control the temperature when entering, the outlet continued.


“I agree that [the coronavirus] is here, and we must be safe. We do take precautionary measures, in terms of extra cleaning and social distancing. But when it comes to face masks, I don’t approve of it, ”he told Florida Today. “I don’t support it. And I won’t allow it. ”


Fox News added that Kirby claims that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines “hamper our lifestyle as we know it,” as well as hamper the ability of bartenders to determine whether someone has received too much service.

Posted by Gary Kirby on Monday, March 4, 2019


The ban was also inspired in part by the fact that on Aug. 9, someone wearing a surgical mask robbed the Westside Sports Bar and Lounge, according to Florida Today.


Kirby told the outlet that police informed him that “criminals would be capitalizing on the mandate of the mask by using it to their advantage to get their way,” continued Florida Today.


Fox News confirmed that a police report had been filed with the West Melbourne Police Department the following day, but that officials claimed Kirby had not “cooperated.”


Kirby is originally from Coral Springs, Florida and currently resides in Melbourne, where Westside Sports Bar & Lounge is located, according to his Facebook page.


His account indicates that he is the owner of the bar and that he was born on October 28, 1989.

If the 🐑 can read, show them this

Posted by Gary Kirby on Tuesday, June 30, 2020


Kirby also previously worked as a “franchise owner / operator at BARMASTERS,” his Facebook cites.


Kirby started a “new job” at Melbourne-based Westside Sports Bar & Lounge on March 4, 2019, his Facebook page states. A profile photo on the bar’s Facebook page dated March 2019 also indicates that it experienced a change in ownership.


The lounge is “a full beer and liquor bar, with a full menu restaurant! Daily nightly events with live DJs. 22 TVs with package, Golden Tee, pool table and a jukebox, ”according to his Facebook account.


Their hours of operation are from 11 to 2 a.m. every day of the week, the establishment continues.


Posted by Westside Sports Bar & Lounge on Friday, September 18, 2020


Kirby also appears to be a musician, according to his Facebook page.

Several images dating to at least 2015 show the bar owner singing and playing a guitar on stage, while others show him posing with a guitar.


A picture from May 2015 indicates that he performed live at Off the Traxx Sports Bar & Grille.


Kirby’s Facebook page is full of posts and photos that convey anti-mask sentiments.


Marked by Facebook as “partially false,” Kirby posted a photo on June 30 of a document claiming that the CDC does not recommend that healthy people wear face masks.


The caption read: “If the 🐑 can read, show them this.”


He also shared the Florida Today article written about his new mask policy.


As news of Kirby’s ban continues to circulate online, many have taken to social media to share their thoughts on the matter.


While some users have criticized the bar owner’s actions, others have inundated their personal and company accounts with messages of support.


Here are some of the responses:

Thousands of users took to the bar’s Facebook page to comment on the ban.


“I absolutely LOVE this! Thank you for doing it! We need more smart and reasonable business owners like you! Hope more will follow this amazing example. Sharing w my friends to support your business, ”a user by the name of Monika Z-ycki wrote.


Sherrie Clement echoed similar sentiments, commenting, “Love love love THIS! I will be driving over from Orlando to support your business! Hope this will inspire more businesses to follow. ”


User Jeff Sacchetillo, on the other hand, condemned the move as “idiotic.”


“Congrats for giving yourself a target on the back of your business. You better make sure every tiny detail of your bar is up to standard, because now they will find any excuse to close you down, ”the user wrote. “Idiotic business ownership at it’s finest right here.”