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Garry Bowie, an HIV activist and head of a West Hollywood-based nonprofit, died Tuesday from complications caused by the novel coronavirus, his husband said.

Garry Bowie Career

Bowie was the executive director of Being Alive, whose stated mission is “to end HIV by ending stigma, engaging people in wellness, removing barriers to care, and restoring dignity.”

Garry Bowie Death and Cause of Death

“Garry died this morning about 9:30 as a result of the damage COVID-19 did to his lungs and body,” Jeff Wacha said in a social media post.

Garry Bowie Corona Virus

In a Facebook post that has received hundreds of condolences in response, Wacha said Bowie began exhibiting flu-like symptoms on March 19.
Bowie refused to go to the hospital after “his breathing became shallow and rapid” on March 27, according to her husband, who called an ambulance the next morning after Bowie’s condition did not improve.
Paramedics who arrived immediately administered oxygen to Bowie.
“I was able to exchange a few words with him before they closed the doors and left with him,” said Wacha. “I told him how much I loved him and he told me how much he loved me. It was the last time I saw him.”
The two men spoke over the phone while Bowie was in the emergency room, where he was diagnosed with pneumonia and acute respiratory distress syndrome, or ARDS. He was then sedated, intubated and placed on a ventilator.
“I didn’t know it would be the last time I would speak to my husband, my reason for living, the man who supported me emotionally for the past 20 years and who kept me alive, the man that made me laugh every day that we were together, “said Wacha.
According to the Being Alive website, the 34-year-old organization focuses on the mental health and well-being of people living with HIV and AIDS. Its free services include “comprehensive emotional support, education on treatment, prevention, advocacy, well-being and social services”.