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Who is Garrett Foster (Shot Dead) Wiki, Biography, Age, Net Worth, Net Worth, Instagram

Garrett Foster (Shot & Dead) Wiki – Garrett Foster (Shot & Dead) Biography

Garrett Foster was identified as the man who died in a shooting at a Black Lives Matter protest in Austin, Texas on Saturday night, July 25, 2020. Foster was often at the protests in Austin. He was a Libertarian military veteran and witnesses said he was well-known among the activists participating in the protests in the city. Foster, 28, was shot dead while with his fiancee, Whitney Mitchell, a quadruple amputee who was in a wheelchair, his mother told ABC News.
Garrett Foster was killed on Saturday night in a Black Lives Matter protest in Austin, Texas, when fired.
The Austin Police Department said a suspect was arrested and collaborated with officers on Saturday night, saying that the witnesses were trying to pass through the protesters before they shot the victim.
The victim was brought to the hospital and pronounced dead here. Officials said no one was injured during the incident.
The victim was described by family and friends as Austin’s resident, Garrett Foster, who protested with his fiancee Whitney Mitchell, a quadruple empire.
It is not yet clear what caused the shoot, and the police did not detect the suspect.
A police official said on Saturday that Foster is “carrying a rifle and approaching the suspect vehicle”.
The suspect later told his victim that he had shot from his car.
Shortly before he was killed, journalist Hiram Gilberto Garcia interviewed Foster, who was reportedly carrying the AK-47 rifle. During the interview, Foster said that during a friend his roommate started bringing his gun to protests after his arrest.
Explicit transport of firearms in public places is legal in Texas, unless done in an “alarm-calculated way” according to state law.
“They no longer allow us to walk the streets, so I have to exercise some of our rights,” Foster said in an interview broadcast live on Periscope. Said.
“So, if I use it against the cops, I’m dead and I think all the people who hate us and want to call us shit are huge pussies to stop and actually do something about it.” .
Hours later, the same journalist who interviewed Foster captured images of the chaotic scene after he was shot deadly, including several gun shots.
“A car came out – we were taking the streets – and hit Garrett,” an anonymous protester Garcia’s video said. Said.
Protester Foster said Mitchell was “the guard and has been around for ten years.”
A witness, Michael Capochiano, told the New York Times that he saw the suspect’s car towards the crowd before shooting and caused people to escape in fear.
“He could hear the wheels hit the accelerator very quickly,” 53-year-old Capochiano said. “I was a little surprised that no one was shot. It was moving at aggressive speed in the crowd. ”
“The driver stopped after hitting a traffic cone,” Capochiano and many protesters approached the vehicle to shout at him. According to Capochiano, Foster approached the car with his rifle facing down.
“He wasn’t aiming the gun or doing anything aggressive with the gun,” Times said. “He wasn’t holding her aggressively … I’m not sure if there was too much word exchange. It didn’t seem like there was any verbal discussion. It was not charging from the car. He was just walking there. ”
After Foster’s death, protesters gathered to mourn and comfort Mitchell, according to the video shot by Austin Statesman.
“Say your name: Garrett Foster,” the protesters shouted a lot of Mitchell.
Foster’s mother, Sheila Foster, told Good morning to America that her son and Mitchell have been together since the age of 17. They took part in the protest together as “almost every day for the last 50 days”.
Foster added that Mitchell, who pushed his wheelchair during shooting, was not damaged.
Sheila Foster said she cared that her son was partially opposed to police brutality and racism because of her relationship with Mitchell, who was black.
“He feels very strong about justice and does it very hard against police violence and wants to support his fiancée.” Said.
Noting that Foster was armed in the protest, the mother said she thought it was possible.
“It wouldn’t surprise me because it has a transport license and would feel the need to protect itself,” he said.
Organized by Mitchell’s mother, Patricia Kirven, a GoFundMe raised over $ 40,000 for Foster’s funeral expenses.
“He fought against injustice, served in the army and fiercely guarded his fiancee,” wrote Kirven.
“They fell in love at age 17 and never left,” he wrote.