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Student 12-year-old arrested on felony charges: Gabriel Stanford Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Net Worth, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

Gabriel Stanford

Student 12-year-old arrested on felony charges: Gabriel Stanford Biography, Wiki

Gabriel Stanford is a Florida boy who was arrested on felony charges Thursday after police say he brought three guns and ammunition to his school.

CBS 13 reports that the incident happened at the Lighthouse Christian School on U.S. 1 in Callahan. A student at the school, Gabriel Stanford, 12, allegedly brought a revolver and two semiautomatic pistols to the campus.

The incident unfolded when a teacher said she saw the boy carrying two lunch boxes. She asked if she could hold one of the lunch boxes that looked heavy. He “accepted reluctantly,” according to the outlet. After noticing the tip of a gun sticking out of the lunch box, the teacher notified the school principal, Troy Arnold.

When Arnold looked inside the lunch box, she found a subcompact semiautomatic pistol and two boxes of .38 caliber ammunition, a police report said. The student allegedly said that he brought the firearms to school to show the principal.

While interviewing Stanford, an officer found another handgun, loaded with .380 caliber ammunition, News 4 Jax reports. The boy had the gun hidden on his person, police said.

During a subsequent interview with the boy, school staff found a drawing inside the boy’s desk, which showed a gruesome image.

“While interviewing the student for the second time, the staff was conducting a search of her desk. Inside his desk was a drawing of a man outside a school with guns. The man was surrounded by several corpses, covered with a red marker indicating blood, ”the police report indicates.

Nassau County Sheriff Bill Leeper said authorities spoke with the boy’s mother, Sasha Lewis, who said that Stanford shot and killed their pet Chihuahua with a pellet rifle. She said the boy claimed it was an accident.

“When you look at the killing of a family pet, you look at some of the drawings that were found in the kid’s desk, it is alarming,” Leeper said.

“You don’t know what’s in the child’s mind and what they’re thinking — maybe innocent, maybe not. But surely, you don’t want to take that chance; you want to make sure the child gets the help that he needs to make sure nothing like this will happen in the future.”

When asked how Stanford got access to firearms, the suspect’s mother said she thought she had locked the safe to an uncle’s gun cabinet, but she may have left it open.

Arnold said the boy appeared frightened when confronted about the guns, but school policy requires expulsion.

Stanford was arrested on three felony charges of illegal possession of a firearm at school. Authorities transported him to a Jacksonville juvenile detention center and contacted the Department of Family and Children Services.

“Bringing a weapon to school results in immediate suspension or expulsion and in this kind of case, it will always be expulsion, so we’re working on that now,” Arnold said. “It never feels good, obviously, because there’s a hurting family out there.”

“My prayer is that he gets appropriate help, and that the system works for him.”

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