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Paighton Houston Suspect:Fredrick Hampton Bio, Wiki, Age, Married, Net Worth, Twitter, Instagram, Quick Facts You Need to Know

Fredrick Hampton

Fredrick Hampton is identified as a registered sex offender in Alabama who is being sought in the death investigation of Paighton Houston. Fredrick has been charged in connection with the disappearance of a Trussville woman who vanished after leaving a Lakeview bar.

Fredrick Hampton Age

He is 50-years-old

Paighton Houston Missing

Houston vanished Dec. 20. She was last seen at Tin Roof in the 2700 block of Seventh Avenue South. According to Birmingham police, she left the bar about 10:45 p.m. with two heavy-set black males. Sgt. Johnny Williams said it was reported that Houston left the location willingly with the two men.

She had reportedly gone to the Birmingham bar with co-workers. Friends on Facebook said Houston didn’t know the men and that the last text message from her to a coworker – about two hours after she left Tin Roof – stated she didn’t know where she was, and she felt she might be in trouble. She had sent multiple messages to her co-worker, the last one reading, “Idk who im with so if I call please answer. I feel in trouble.” That text was sent at 12:15 a.m. Dec. 21 but not seen by her coworker until nearly two hours later.

Fredrick Hampton and Paighton Houston Murder

Fredrick Hampton of Brighton is being charged for abuse of a corpse. She is not charged in connection with the death of Paighton Houston, only with actions that the authorities say she took after her death, which in this case would be burying her.
The Jefferson County coroner’s office has not yet determined the cause and form of death. They are waiting for the results of additional tests, including toxicology before the report is completed. The test takes four to six weeks.
Initially, Hampton was held in the Birmingham City Jail for a 48-hour extension on suspicion of kidnapping as of Saturday, December 28, but was released two days later because investigators did not have enough to charge him with any crime.

Police Investigations and Reports

According to Deputy Chief David Agee, a warrant was issued for 50-year-old Fredrick Hampton, “who is charged with abuse of a corpse, which is a class C felony.” The charge carries a $60,000 bond.

“What we know is that no physical trauma to the body of the victim would have led to her death,” Agee said. “We have evidence that the victim and the offender were together the night of December 20, 2019. We have evidence the victim died the next day at a house on McClain street in Brighton. We have evidence that after the victim died, her body was disposed of in a criminal manner by Fredrick Hampton.”

Birmingham Police Sergeant Johnny Williams initially told Al.com that police believed Houston had left the bar with two men and that she went willingly.
The men were only described as heavyset black males, but it’s not clear whether Hampton is one of those men. The newspaper reported that Paighton sent a friend a frantic text message that night, but the friend didn’t see it right away. It read:

Fredrick Hampton Criminal History

Hampton was previously convicted in a vicious case of group rape in which a woman testified that she was kidnapped at gunpoint at a bus stop in downtown Birmingham, Alabama and sexually assaulted by seven men, according to court appeal records of that case.
Hampton was previously convicted in 1992 on charges of rape and first-degree sodomy outside Jefferson County. He was 20 years, five months and 26 days in prison before his release on March 22, 2012. He was also charged with kidnapping, but that charge was dismissed.
Details on those crimes of March 5, 1991, were not immediately available, but a sex offender notice states that “the offender, along with seven other men, committed rape First rape and Sodomy first on an adult woman.”
Shortly after completing his prison sentence, Hampton was arrested again for not providing the authorities with his new address, which is required by law for convicted sex offenders. He pleaded guilty to that charge in September 2012 and received a suspended sentence of two years.

Missing Trussville Woman: Paighton Houston Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Net Worth, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Fast Facts You Need to Know

Birmingham Police previously asked that anybody with information on the case should call 205-297-8413 or 911. Tips can be submitted anonymously to Crime Stoppers at 205-254-7777.